Hannibal Barca in mass-media

Looking for a good movie, TV series, or miniseries, non-documentary, about Hannibal, the great Carthaginian military leader. I remember being entranced by his story in World History X class in freshman year of high school, to the point where I was rooting for him to defeat the Roman Empire. (Even though I’m pretty sure Hannibal was before Jesus came to Earth, right? And Israel was under the Roman Empire at that time).

Never fear. Vin Diesel is working on a Hannibal trilogy.

Unfortunately, that article is four years old so it may be ill advised to hold one’s breath.

Not yet. Judea became a Roman province in 6 AD/CE. Second Punic War took place between 218-201 BC/BCE. Israel was under the control of Ptolemaic Egypt until 201, when it was taken over by the Seleucids.