Happy 100th birthday Charles M. Schulz!

Thank you Sparky for your creativity, dedication, and influence.

If you go to GoComics, lots of the currently-running comics are doing a tribute, as is Zits.

Just tried to go there, and it’s down.
Try here: https://comicskingdom.com/

I really liked Dick Tracy’s cartoonist’s take:

I recently bought the commemorative stamps.


GoComics is currently working for me. Three out of five of my strips (Garfield, Pluggers, Breaking Cat News) referenced Schulz, Pickles did not. Calvin & Hobbes could not be expected to, since they stopped producing new strips 25 years ago.

The Schulz Museum has a page with links to different tributes.

There’s also this, from Bill Amend (creator of FoxTrot):
(I hope that shows up okay)

I followed the strip faithfully as a kid. When in the 1960’s I spent summers at my grandparent’s home and they didn’t get a daily paper, I had mom cut out the daily strips and mail them to me at the end of the week. I continued to follow the strip until it ended.

5 minutes after reading the very final strip, I heard Schulz had passed away.

My hat’s off to you again, Sparky.

My dad and I frequently stopped at the Oases on the Illinois Tollway during my summer vacations. They always stocked paperback compilations of Peanuts strips going back to 1950. By 1965, I had every collection published up to that point.

My dad died exactly one week after Schulz’s passing.