Happy 25th birthday - Stand by me

NPR interview

and some really amazing writing about how the film changed his life on Wil Wheaton’sblog.
This is definitely one of those movies that brings back memories. I was almost 19 when this movie came out and struggling with feeling like I’d grown up to fast and missed my childhood. Hard to believe it’s been 25 years.

Great movie. I bought the Blu-ray recently and I’m looking forward to seeing the in-picture commentary by Rob, Will and Corey.

Growing up I went on day-long treks with my friends, but never to see a dead body…I suppose it’s the kind of adventure I wish I would’ve had.

A recent episode of Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast had Wil Wheaton as a guest, along with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan from Doctor Who. I found it interesting that the Brits were sort of vaguely aware that Wheaton was in ST:TNG, but totally gushed over how great Stand By Me was.

The podcast was also hilarious. Wheaton and Hardwick shared an apartment when they were young, and they are very funny together.

Check the very last scene on the DVD for me. I remember that, in the movie, the Writer types on his computer something like “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?” Whenever the movie is on TV, they pixillate part of that line, and I’m not sure why. What does it say on the DVD?

Checking on YouTube, the words typed on the screen read:

I’m curious what they would blur out of that. “Jesus” maybe?

Thanks for posting that Wil Wheaton blog. I have always imagined him to be like Gordy LaChance, and it’s interesting to hear him say it. That movie was so perfectly cast, I can’t imagine anyone else in those roles.

I’ve loved Stand By Me since I read the short story as a kid, then saw the awesome movie, and now get to share the movie with my daughter and stepdaughters. I thought it would stand the test of time, but now we know for sure it has.

(Am I the only one who sees Wil Wheaton’s name and hears it like Stewie Griffin saying it? “Hwil Hwheaton” lol)

Chopper! Sic balls!

Actually, to this day, whenever I’m trying to leave a place with a group of people and some of the group are being slow or getting sidetracked or otherwise not ready to leave yet, I still like to say

One of my all-time favorite movie quotes.

Anytime Rob Reiner puts yet another piece of movie crap out into the world, I have to remind myself “He did This is Spinal Tap, he did The Princess Bride, he did Stand By Me, he did This is Spinal Tap, he did The Princess Bride, he did Stand By Me.”

Great blog post from Will Wheaton, thanks for sharing the link. :slight_smile: