Happy 500,000 everybody!

From what I can tell (for the record books) we hit the big 500000 at 2:45 PM CDT on 7/13/00 (I’m adjusting, hopefully correctly, from Seattle time).

Yeah, I know we went through this once before, but I think this one is for real (based on the explanation about extra posts being stored in the DB until the last upgrade - now where did I read that? can’t seem to find it now…well, anyway…)

I couldn’t fit a cake with 500,000 candles into this thread. I tried and now there’s chocolate all over the walls and floor, and I have melted wax all over my fingers. But I tried, really.

Medals, beer and chocolate for everyone who’s kept this damn thing alive for well over a year now. I can’t say enough howmuch I appreciate the work and the continued existence of this place.

Pat yourselves on the back, everyone. We is heavy.

Is the current number of posts actually correct?

Christina25 just cross-posted an advertisement for a homeless rally or something in three different forums. When I searched for her posts, she had a total of four–the three threads she started and then one more unrelated one in another thread. Well, she has been banned and the cross-postings have been deleted from two forums. (The other one was allowed to remain b/c Tuba responded with an explaination as to why these things should not be posted.) Now, her total number of posts in her profile, on her posts and on a search says “2”.

Did those two posts that were deleted come off of the grand total? If not, that would add quite a margin of error with all the trolls we have had banned and deleted recently.

Because of at least two things that I am aware of:

  1. deleted posts due to trollery and advertising

  2. extra posts that were in the DB due to conversion problems, which were later cleaned up.

The net effect is that we’ve crossed 500,000 more than once.

See this thread if you’d like more details.