Happy 63rd Birthday, United States Air Force!

Nothing much to say here, just that it’s the 63rd anniversary of the creation of the United States Air Force (if you don’t count the Army Air Force, Army Air Corps, GHQ Air Force, Army Air Service, etc…)

Normally I’d be going to the Air Force Ball tonight, but I arrived in Korea a week too late to buy tickets (:mad:), so instead my participation consisted of taking part in a 5K Fun Run, which I ran in 30 minutes and 30 seconds (a nice leisurely pace). I got a nifty “Fit To Fight” towel for finishing.

If your air force is so good, why is your race on land? :smiley:

God bless the Air Force. They and the rest of the military do things I can’t, so people like me don’t have to.


We will now sing the Air Force Song!

Check 6 and 12.
Good hunting.
Oak (formerly Sgt. Oak)

Yaay us. Or rather them now; I’ve been out for gosh 21 years. Go team!

The music still brings a lump to the throat.

Keep up the good work **Raguleader **& all the rest. We’re all counting on you.

I also like this song, a tribute song rather than an official song for the Air Force:

The US Air Force Blues

Happy Birthday Air Force!

Active duty 1987-97
Chairborne ranger
Death Before Dead Air!

Oh, gawd! Do I remember the TI yelling, “we will now sing the Air Force song – WITH ENTHUSIASM!”

NORAD E-3 '92-96.


cue noisy tone-deaf cacaphony of half-asleep trainees trying to loudly sing a song they barely know the words to

Only the smart guys joined the AF doing the 60’s-70’s. Why get killed as an enlisted guy when you you can send the officers out to die?