Happy 74th Birthday, Cheeta!

Cheeta, Tarzan’s chimpanzee pal from the Tarzan movies n the 30s/40s, celebrated his 74th birthday today. Holy crap, Cheeta’s still alive! In fact he is the world’s oldest chimp, in the Guiness Book of World Records and everything. Is that cool or what?

He even has a website!

I will definitely be toasting the old guy tonight!

good heavens! how many tarzans has there been in his lifetime?!?

happy birthday, cheeta!

Damn taxes! If I had a spare $125 now, one of these paintings by Cheeta would be mine.

I wonder if he would remember any of his former co-stars.

You know that saying, “If you can remember the '60s, you weren’t there”? Well, if you can remember the '30s, you weren’t even born.

Mazeltov, Cheeta. And I apologize for all these years of not seeing the movies and assuming you were a cat.

Heard him on NPR yesterday (mostly his keeper).
Apparently, he likes going to McDonald drive-thru and watching his old movies.

Does he know he is watching himself?

He was overseen telling Koko in sign saying “What I really wanted to do was direct” and “Weismuller… total hack. Maureen O’Sullivan, drama queen. But you know who was great? Gub-Gub the Pig from Doolittle, now there was a freakin’ genius, but hated himself cause he was Jewish, it was bad. Then that potbelly jailbait got him into Scientology and that worked for a while, but destroyed his acting. Rex Harrison- played Henry Higgins in everything he did, but Samantha Egger made me wanna throw some feces and say ‘How you doin’?”

The keeper seemed to think so. Cheeta seems like one smart cookie, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Must really hold up the line… :dubious:

i saw cheeta on olbermann last night. he seemed to enjoy his cake and diet coke (decaf.) he drank directly from the can… no wimpy glass or sippy cup for him.

I’m not questioning the OP at all, not at all.

Just saying, Holy Moley! I can’t believe it. Decades ago, I thought the guy wuz dead and buried.

Thank you so much for a really good post/topic.