Happy B-day saramamalana!!!!

Who turns, well… something younger than me today, though not sure exactly what, except that she thinks I’m officially old since my B-day in November began a whole new decade of life for me, a decade she has yet to reach, and will continue to have yet to reach for at least another year or 3 or possibly even 4 (not possibly 5 though??). Still, today (I think) does mark yet another milestone in that ongoing progression towards the next decade of life, assuming that I did in fact get her b-day correct (I’m pretty sure it’s today), and assuming that she is not dead. Of course, each and every and any day could also be considered a milestone in that progression, though some have to be more important than others if for no other reason than simply to maintain interest in the progression. Perhaps non b-days are more like footstones, or inchstones. (Yeah, I’m in the US BTW, I don’t do metric). Of course this assumes a more western world oriented view of time as linear. It’s quite possible that from a different perspective this hierarchical division of units of time would not be necessary, nor even desireable, in maintaining one’s interest in their own progression towards the next decade of their life, (“next decade” of course being completely arbitrary from this POV anyway).

I will not attempt to guess saramamalana’s current perspective of time. I can only speak from my own (a perspective which, as I look to the bottom corner of my screen at the clock and realize that I’m still in this f%$king office and will probably not get home till after 10pm, is quite apparent) when I wish her a happy birthday.

(today is your b-day, right?)

Time is only linear to cultures that do not possess a time machine.

Once that event occurs, causality goes out the window. For instance, you have flamed me twice on this very subject—but this time, I am posting a neutral post and as you can see above, you are not now mad at me.

As I have said previously in this thread, happy b-day to all and best wishes…may all your babies be children!

Well, hey, happy birthday to saramamalana from me, too! I am so happy to be the first post to your thread and add my felicitations, also.

Best wishes!

She’s a mean drunk.

Last time I saw her, she assaulted me.

Or something.

Wish her happy birthday tomorrow. :wink:

Woo! Birthday bash!

Does some knid of crazy dance, ends up getting dizzy, and falls over

Congrats on being born some time ago, saramamalana!!

Oh Moe, you old softy! You did get my birthday right, it was yesterday (the 18th), and yes I got your messages from the day before that. I’m now the ripe old age of 26, gah!

As for you Scrappy, you started it! :stuck_out_tongue:

And a hearty thank you to bouv, FilmGeek, and LiveOnAPlane.

Hey LiveOnAPlane, thanks for starting this thread in honour of our friend saramamalana.

Whew! My Lotus Notes Calendar using skills are really paying off.

Happy 26th kiddo!

Happy Belated birthday, saramamalana. When Moe and I next meet, we’ll hold a toast of fine dark ale in your honor. Huzah!
Oh…and Happy Birthday Happy Scrappy Hero Pup. We might just raise a glass in your honor too.

Ummm…I’m an idiot.

I thought Happy Scrappy said it was his birthday tomorrow. We’ll raise a toast in your honor anyway, because you can never have to many things to toast about.

Are you going to celibrate with some taramasalata ?

Happy birthday to yoooooooooooo…

Party on!

Happy Birthday to (I think) the most recent doper I’ve met!