Happy (Belated) Middle Child Day!

There’s a whole holiday for people like me (3 of 5); Middle Child Day (8/12)!

I’d never heard of this, but I wanted to wish all the other middle children a Happy Middle Child’s Day!

As a Middle Child, I wish you a happy yesterday right back! (Must mark next year’s calendar.)

Isn’t that just typical? A day for the middle child and we get our best wishes a day or so late. sigh

Totally. :slight_smile:

I consider myself a double middle - my parents had two sisters older than I am, and two sisters younger. To increase my middle child isolation, both my older sisters were born less than a year apart, and in the same month, and both my younger sisters were born less than a year apart, and in the same month.

Happy Middle Child Day, all the rest of you!

They always forget about us. You get used to it after a while.

I didn’t even know we had a holiday. Yay for middle kids!

Typical middle child luck, I come in to make a joke, and am beaten to the punch.


On a semi-related note: my middle child, Spike, made my day yesterday. I was on the way out to the parking lot at the Y, after swimming laps at lunch, when I heard a loud “DAD!!!” in the lobby. He ran up and gave me a big hug, before returning to his day-camp group.

Shouldn’t Middle Child Day be July 2nd?