Happy Birthday Grace!

I’m too tired to get all mooshy, so in honor of you I will limit this post to three sentences (hehe).

Happy Birthday to the best friend a person could ever hope for!

I hope your day is filled with fun, frivolity and lots and lots of presents (just don’t hold your breath waiting for mine, as the one I bought you 2 months ago and promised to mail early is still sitting in my office waiting for me to find time to drag my sorry butt to the post office, which you knew would happen, didn’t you? :wink: )!!

Happy Birthday Grace!
Hope you have a great day. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Couldn’t happen to a nicer person! :wink:

Have a wonderful day!

What’s that? Seven layer chocolate cake? Candles? How many? None of my friggin’ business? Alrighty, your wish is my command.

Soda’s off to the kitchen

Happy Birthday!

Shayna, you are the sweetest! Don’t worry about sending that present. Let’s just exchange gifts when I come to LA in May.

Thank you silent-rob, evilbeth
for the birthday wishes! My co-workers are taking me out to lunch and my husband is taking me to dinner so it’s already a great day because I don’t have to cook. Yipppeeee!

Soda, I don’t know if I want to use up my one wish on a birthday cake. I dunno, I’m thinking jacuzzi in my backyard. :smiley: If it’s going to be a cake, I think you’re going to need more candles.

Happy Birthday Grace! Hope it’s a good one. :slight_smile:

[sub]I’ve become very fond of you Pisceans.[/sub] :wink:

Hope you have a real happy B-day, sweetie.

Here’s my present to you: I’m going to do all my hitting on you BEFORE you get drunk at the mardi gras party instead of after, so you have a better chance of fending me off. grin

Happy Birhtday, Grace!

Have a great day!


Happy Birthday, Grace!

I hope you have a year full of health, happiness, and love. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday blah blah blah. You’re so great blah blah blah. Woopty do…hope you have more blah blah blah.

Miss me?

::challenges Soda to a bake-off to see who can make the best chocolate seven-layer cake::

::goes into the kitchen and whips a special chocolate cake for Grace and tactfully places one candle on it::


Can I judge? :smiley:

Grace Darlin’-

Happiest of birthdays to one of the best people I know…

You are a sweetheart, and a dear friend and I hope you have as good a day as you deserve. Not that this is really possible, but I wish so nonetheless!!!

Much Love,


Thanks Simetra for the birthday wishes. Remind me to tell you sometime where my tattoo artist friend tattooed the pisces symbol.

Troy, you’re irresistible when I’m drunk or sober. Of course that pesky little thing called your wife seems to keep getting in the way.

Hey JimB, did you invite the rest of the DFW dopers to my weekend birthday party or was that a private party only? :smiley:

Thanks Serendipity for the well wishes. I don’t suppose you could add in there a wish for no gray hair. I found one the other day and I have a feeling the rest are waiting to launch a full attack.

Of course I missed you Aglarond. I hope you won’t mind when I add curry or some other spicy product to your dinner on Saturday. :stuck_out_tongue:

MsRobyn, you definitely make the best cyber chocolate cake.

lurkernomore can not assist in the judging since I’ve already declared a winner, but I’ll let you sample a tiny piece.

Scotti, when are you going to get your booty to Texas for a visit? I’ve got a spare room and I bet I could talk the Dallas people into having a party. Of course it doesn’t take much for this group.

Thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes. I’ve had a great day so far and I’ve enjoyed coming in here and reading the posts.

Grace, there will be lots of people at your weekend party. It’s the, uh, party after the party that is private.


Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people I know! Treat yourself especially nice today, and take it easy. :smiley:

So I guess I shouldn’t mention the sleepover eh?

I took it very easy todayJeannie! My co-workers took me to the Olive Garden for lunch and gave me a bunch of presents. I’ve decided if I’m going to be treated like this, I’m going to have a birthday every year. :slight_smile:

Well, I did send you a marshmellow or two yesterday but since I dropped by here, thought I would add another greeting to commemorate your natal day(How is that for some neat use of English?) Anywho, I sure hope you had a really great day…and a great year to go with it! :smiley: