Happy Birthday, Mr. President...Or something like that...

Happy Birthday Psy!!!

Hope you have a great day… and a better evening ! :wink:

Have a great one!

I have some cake for ya.

yeah, yeah, whateve’, happy beer, now will sum’n pass me the birthday? hiccup

Hippo birdie two ewe!
(You gotta picture the line of animals in your head.)


Bon anniversaire!

Happy Birthday Psy!!

When I lift up my glasses, the whole world goes fuzzy.

Happy birthday psy. Have a good one.

Yay - I made it in time! Hippy Hoppy Happy Birthday, Shannon!

I’d say I hope you’ve had a great day, but with Vince there helping you celebrate, I have no doubt that it’s been spectacular.

Here’s to many more years of happiness, health and prosperity!

Enjoy the birthday celebrations, psycat90. May you have many many more!!!

Now…what does a person have to do to get served here???

Happy, Happy Bithday, Psycat!

You’ll prob’ly feel like 29 'till the Big 4-0.

Happy birthday, psy.

Happy Birthday, psy!

I forgot to wish you the above in Rasta’s thread, so I noticed your birthday party over here and decided to crash it to personally wish you a happy b-day.

I feel your pain. 30 is coming soon for me, too. Seems like a lot of us lately, huh?

Happy Psycat Day, late…sorry I missed it. Hope it was good.

Happy birthday psy. You’re so cool, witty and intelligent.
I KNEW you were a fellow leo.

May the gods bless you with wisdom and continued happiness. Unless you’re an atheist in which case you can rot in… no wait a sec I’m against organised religion… Well I just wish you the best company, memories and sex possible.