Happy birthday Ronald Reagan.

Happy 92’nd birthday Mr. President! I only wish you could be here to enjoy it. :frowning:

Amen. Only those blinded by ideology can fail to acknowledge his contributions to history, primarily, the collapse of the Soviet Union. Millions of eastern europeans owe their freedom to him. And yes, I can hear you carping about the Balkan problem and how they are no better off. Stop trying to intentionally miss the point. Those divisions have existed for years and were supressed by force under communism. Reagan changed the world for the better.

. . . Well, except for doing nothing about AIDS for most of the 1980s . . .

Happy Birthday sir. I’m a Democrat but I’ve always had a soft spot for you.

Happy trails Ronnie.

What a bitter irony, think of the memories he’s missing out on.

HEY - it’s MY birthday too! Today! Along with Babe Ruth!

(and my late, great-aunt Pearl)

And doing everything to encourage terrorism in Central America.

Eve, Guin find another thread.

Does he still have his picture taken?