Happy Birthday superbee

Happy big 40 superbee! With very best wishes to a dear friend from myself and Mr Biba.

Happy birthday.


I’ve known 40 year olds.
40 year olds were friends of mine.
You sir act like no 40 year old I’ve ever known.

Heh, Happy Birthday HooterBoy!

Lloyd Bentsen? You’re quoting Bentsen? Holy sh*t, now I feel old. :smiley:

Thanks guys…you’re all invited to the big party tonight. Warning: There may be alcohol present. And fire. And scantily clad wimmen.

Woohoo! 'bee man! My kind of party! Lighting women on fire with alcohol!

Happy Bidet!

Geeze, you’re old!
I won’t be THAT old for a whole 'nuther…4 months.

Have a happy one!:slight_smile:

Hey, Happy B-day Superbee!

I love usernames that give me an immediate mental picture.

Happy birthday, superbee!

Wishing you a good day, a good year and a good life.

Happy birthday again, superbee. Do you know it took me a while in another thread to realize who were you?

Congrats, and remember: All things in moderation. :wink:

Happy Birthday, superbee. I’ll give you belated birthday spankings next weekend at Charlotte Dope :wink: