Happy Birthday, tatertot!!

I know, we sang to you at the Inaugural EuroDoper Convention (check out the thread, everybody!!) but I wanted to wish you happy birthday on the day. How is your brother’s visit going? What time are your husband and son coming home?

Oh, and it was fun having you stay at my place this weekend! I had so much fun!!

Happy Birthday Tatertot!
Sorry I couldnt make Eurodope, It was just a little too far for me to travel…

Have the best of Days,

Congrats, Tatertot!! Many more happy years!

Larrigan, could you afford a plain ticket to Amsterdam? I’d be happy to have a passenger on board when I try to break the Amsterdam - Heidelberg speed record :wink:

They say it’s your birthday…
It’s my birthday, too…

Oh wait, no it’s not. That was last week. Well, close enough.

Here’s to a glorious day to a fellow Gemini girl ! I hope this year is filled with happiness, love and prosperity for you.

Happy birthday to the doper with the coolest name, that I wish I had…tatortot. That just melts my butter!!!

Happy B-day tater! Geminis rule! :wink:

Happy Birthday!

In honor of your special day, I ate the rest of a chocolate pudding pie I made. I sacrificed myself over the handgrenade of calories/fat grams/carbs so you wouldn’t have too!

To one of the funnest mom’s on board, you rock!

Happy Birthday Tater!! ::hugs::

Happy Birthday tater!! Hope its a great one! xoxo

I had the best birthday ever! My big present was the trip to Copenhagen, which was amazing; I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. Unfortunately, since I am now officially old I’m still hurting from it. :wink:

The hubby & son arrived home today, it was good to have everybody (except my sister) in the country. Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday, so we went out to a Croatian restaurant and stuffed ourselves silly. We were going to do it again tonight, but the kid refused to wake up. Of course, now he’s wide awake so it’s going to be another day until I finally get a good night’s sleep.

Interesting side note: My husband meet the drummer for Limp Biscuit at the Chicago airport. Pretty cool, but it would have been cooler if either of us knew who exactly Limp Biscuit was. I know it’s music of some sort. And here I was, thinking I was going to be one of those hip mamas!

Shayna, Geminis rock (just not to Limp Biscuit) don’t we!

Scarlett and Norman, thank you so much for singing to me in Danish. It was one of the best parts of my vacation! :slight_smile:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!! Hope you have many, many more. Tell you what!! I’ll stop and you can catch up… ok??
hugs and more hugs!!!

And it seems like only yesterday she was a tatertottot. Now she’s all growed up and knocking out her kid’s teeth.

Sucks to not have web access on your work desktop.

Happy belated birthday, tatertot!!

Who’s birthday is next?