Happy Birthday to faithfool

If the info from the Birthday thread is correct, then today’s the day…

Hope it’s a happy one.


Haaaaaaaappy Birthday to Yoooooou…

(since I can’t sing, I’ll cut this short)
Hope it was/is wonderful!

You say it’s your birthday?!?


Happy birthday to a terrific Secret Santa and a really neat lady! It’s a pleasure sharing a board with you!


Here’s wishing you a Happy, faithfool

Yay you! :slight_smile:

Happy, happy birthday
From LunaV to you
I wish it were my birthday
So I could party too! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, faithfool!!!



from a fellow pisces…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Wishing you a good day, a good year and a great life. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday! Hope it was great!

Happy birthday to you!

(BTW, when’s Bob’s b-day?)

faithfool, mom says happy birthday to her favorite daughter. :wink:

The Mad Hermit started this thread,
And others decided to go ahead
In extending their greetings
And hopes for more meetings
On this board we’ve long loyally read!

Oh guys!! You all are absolutely AWESOME! I just checked in to see if we had all our St. Paddy’s Day participants going good, and here you all are. Especially all my favorites!!!

I’m so grateful for this place and its wonderful inhabitants. This has definitely made my day… nay year, I’m sure. Thank you all for this (certainly my Hermit with his Mad on) and for everything that’s been done for me during my tenor here. This board is truly a godsend and I couldn’t have made it through without it. And my friends.


I love y’all!


Again, each of you mean the world to me and I do believe that once more, I’ll be printing out a thread to keep.

::: giant smooches and tear wiping :::

Here’s to many, many more years here. My heart is full.