Happy Canada Day! Thanks, Google!

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

We even got a google doodle - a crowned beaver!

Happy Canada Day!

The BBQ is started, ready to slow smoke ribs all day long to torment the neighbors and the weather is perfect. I love summer.

And in honour of Canada day I give you Take off! with Bob & Doug and Geddy Lee.

Happy Canada Day, neighbours! Go stand on Saturna Island or Tumbo Island, and I’ll stand in my driveway and we’ll wave at each other! Or I’ll wave to White Rock as I drive along Drayton Harbor! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I know you might not be into it; but I, personally like Stompin’ Tom Connors. I tried, but I couldn’t resist posting the link. :wink:

Lots of fireworks last night, but we didn’t walk down to the beach to watch them. The cat didn’t seem to be bothered. I have a feeling he might hide under the bed for our Independence Day. Then it sounds like a war zone here.

Good idea, eh! fixed the link

Today - putter around the garden for the whole day!

Tomorrow - a day at the beach with my best friend, then a bbq dinner!

Happy Canada Day to all!

Since we’re posting links: Rick Mercer: “Everything you always wanted to know about Canada, but were afraid to ask.”

Crank up the Oscar Peterson, Neil Young, Natalie McMaster, Glenn Gould, Robbie Robertson, Gordon Lightfoot, Triumph, Nelly Furtado, and Barkenaked Ladies! Oh, and don’t forget Men Without Hats!

(I’m wretched at the link thing, forgive me if it’s wrong!)

Link to a song called “Wanna be Canadian!”

(Filmed right here in lovely London, Ontario, by a couple of graduate students from the local University.)

Oh gods, just when I got that song out of my head you had to go and-

Went to the flag-raising today & stayed to hear the whatever-number-it-is Highlanders. Now time to frig off to the beach. 32 feeakin’ degrees here- yay!

Sorry, late to the party. Happy Canada Day!

We have a little holiday of our own today, down here…

Oh, really? Celebrating what occasion? :wink:

Seriously, Elendil’s Heir, hope you have a great Independence Day!

Those Americans and their quaint little holidays…:smiley:

Why don’t you guys join us! Do you guys really need the UK anymore?

Imagine a whole continent lighting off explosives.

When we think we might want to join up with y’all, we do think of this.

Just more in an ‘us getting blown up by all your guns’ kind of way!:smiley:

Sounds like you guys could use a 2nd Amendment. :wink:

But…but…who would we put on our coins then?

Okay, that does sound cool!

Thank you for the offer, but we’ll pass. We kinda love sanity :stuck_out_tongue:

And much, much lower gun violence rates, I daresay.

True. But even without guns, we have our own brand of crazy. See, for example, Luka Magnotta, Vince Weiguang Li, and Robert Pickton