Happy Columbus Day, everyone!

Happy Columbus Day, folks. I propose that we celebrate by watching a collection of Peter Falk’s finest performances on DVD.

Is it a public holiday?

It’s one of the days unique to the USA wherein all our eligible citizens bow our heads and give thanks for a day off.

Pfffffffft… I didn’t get no day off.

And a happy Thanksgiving to our northern friends.

Yes. It’s also the day on which we honor America’s most beloved TV detective.

Where the fuck is Viking Day or Bering Strait day huh? Columbus made four voyages to the New World while thinking it was Asia until he died. He never even landed in the present day U.S. or Canada. He mainly just liked taking little Caribbean cruises. Don’t we all Chris? The only reason the whole thing came together in his little mind is because he thought the world was have as big around as it really is and there just happened to be some land where “Asia” should be. He just loved piddling around exploring the wonders of his little own imaginary land while raping and pillaging.

At best he should get a (small) statue, not a holiday. The whole thing makes me sick.

I agree with most of what you said, but shouldn’t you open a new thread in GD for that?

Not everyone in America “celebrates” Columbus Day.

I don’t think there is really that much to debate. My interest in the subject is mostly intellectual although I did throw in a wee bit of hyperbole.

I didn’t really know that much about Columbus until about a year ago when I wondered one day why I didn’t know where he landed in the U.S. or Canada or even Mexico for that matter. I looked it up and found that he never did (except maybe for one short landing in Southern Mexico). I don’t think most people realize that and it is because of the way he is taught and promoted.

Then, I started wondering about the story of the “Indian” naming convention supposedly because he believed he found a route to India or at least the Far East. It turns out he never did get over that.

I had heard all these facts in isolation but his lingering PR creates an image that is quite different from reality. That is the part that I am sick of.

I started a GQ thread on it once that turned out pretty well and helped me get the facts straights. They were not flattering for him.


Columbus Day 2006 is the 32nd anniversary of the day I met my (ex)husband. Federal holiday, right? I was in the Army, we had the day off from school at the Defense Language Institute) So I wander down to the Rec Center to look for a partner in a game of chess. Sheesh, how life might have been different if I hadn’t wanted a game!

I don’t get Columbus day off.

Here in Nevada, we gave up Columbus day for Nevada day, which is Oct. 31 (we generally switch it to the closest Monday or Friday, though, so that it’s a three-day weekend). Except that I don’t get NEVADA day off either because my company only gives us six holidays a year. Meh.


I thought it was the European “Getting Rid of the Riff Raff” day (This and Thanksgiving)