Happy days are here again!!! [RtCW]

A week or so ago I finally got my wife’s computer hooked up to my hub so we could share the cable, and since I had a friend over who enjoyed the game I decided to install Return to Castle Wolfenstein on it and have a two-player match on the Toy Soldiers map (a user-created one where you are in a room full of Star Wars action figures and junk and are only six inches tall, great fun). I got it set up but we couldn’t play a local game - I think there was collision going on since we didn’t have a router between us, just a hub, and I tried changing the port to 27961 on one of them and doing net_restart but that didn’t help either. Curious as to whether the problem only occurred on local games, I hooked up to some server running that map. No problem, sub-60 ping. Then I made my mistake. I had the other computer connect too, and we played for a while.

Now, I knew a little bit about RtCWs copy protection scheme, and I knew I was supposed to buy two copys to have two people playing over the 'net at once. I could make all those excuses for myself, like I was intending to buy another copy, I just wanted to try it out for a while, but they don’t matter. I knew that one of the computers would eventually get kicked because we used the same CD key, but I really was planning on picking up another copy soon so me and my wife could play so I didn’t care. I figured it would ban the copy which connected from a different IP than I usually used.

It didn’t, my main computer was soon unable to get a list of servers from the master server. My wife’s computer could, but I didn’t want to play on hers - for one thing, she could kick me from it any time she wants, secondly her computer is somewhat inferior to mine - only 1/3 the RAM and a 32MB GeForce 2 MX, and her mouse has no wheel! I decided to give RtCW a break for a while, since I had been playing it an awful lot. Started playing Arcanum again, figured I would play again when my wife was through with her semester and I’d buy another copy.

Well, tonight for some reason I decided to see if I was still banned, and voila, I was not! Played the Toy Solder map until I got tired of it, then jumped on the Xians Beach server before I had to come to work. Ahh, like coming home. My skills suck from my week of no practice, though.

Anyway, I was thinking that since there are several people who play RtCW online we could start a clan. I think the [SDMB] tag is unused, unless someone else has already had this idea. We don’t have to be serious and I know I’m not really good enough for competitive play, it could be just as a lark though maybe we could play a few scrimmages if it sounds good later.

Anyway, if anyone is interested let me know what servers you like to play on and start adding [SDMB] before your name so I’ll know you when I see you. I currently play as Ametralladora on Timelord, Xian’s servers (mostly Ice and Beach), TQC Experts 1-life, Xinu, Happy Penguin 1 and 2 (mostly 2), and quite a few others I can’t think of right now. See ya around.

Ooh, this could catch on. “The Straight Dope - now actively seeking out ignorance to destroy!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have Wolf myself, but we could spread this all over the gaming fields. ::waves a banner with a Slug drawing on it while charging to battle::

(new smilies… give this little guy some hands and he’s the HHG2G fella)

Ah yes, RtCW.

Hopefully I’ll catch you in one of the servers. I don’t have any servers I frequently visit, I just look for the ones with low ping and join. Although you will usually see me in rooms hosting Trenchtoast, and Destruction.

My name is: NOiR