Happy Days: Were Spike and Chachi the same character?

They were both presented as being Fonzie’s nephews, right? Besides that, I remember Spike as being a prepubescent boy, with much more of a Fonzie-hero-worship thing going on; he wore the same leather jacket, t-shirt and dungarees.

Which Chachi didn’t, and Chachi was older, too. But the show ran for a long time, so maybe he was re-introduced with some explanation for the name change, much like Mike Doonesbury’s baby brother Benjy was later brought back as college student Sal Doonesbury?

Anyway, I’m sure one of y’all will know.

Chachi was is cousin IIRC.

yeah, I think spike came later when chachi already loved Joni
He didn’t have that same teen idol thing like chachi though.

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greck, I’d bet good money Spike was on the show long before Chachi, not after.

I’m with Fiver. Spike was way before Chachi.

I stand corrected, I looked it up on some trivia site, Spike was there in 1974. in 4 episodes that year

Indeed, Spike was on the show during the first couple of seasons. Chachi came along a couple of years later. Spike was Fonzi’s nephew, Chachi was his cousin.

He’s not listed on the IMDB cast list for Happy Days.

You need to look in the Guest Appearances for that, photopat.

Spike’s first appearance was in “Not With My Sister, You Don’t” (ep. 2.8) on 19 Nov. 1974. Scott Baio joined the cast in '77, same year that Danny Butch made his last appearance as Spike.

Chachi’s first appearance was in “My Cousin the Cheat” (ep. 5.5) on 4 Oct. 1977, Spike’s last was in “The Graduation, Part 2” (ep.

(ep. 4.19) on 15 Feb 1977.

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