Happy Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night!

When I heard there would be fireworks and bonfires this evening to celebrate the defeat the defeat of Popery, I thought “Fantastic!”

My joy was short-lived though when I realized they weren’t talking about scented pencil-shavings.

I have sent my Guy Fawkes e-cards, as I do every year. Amazingly my Hallmark store doesn’t carry them, so I have to do e-cards.

It’s not what it used to be, when i was very young I remember making Guys to burn and kids knocking on the door asking for a penny for the Guy. That never seems to happen any more.

Looks like the Anony-tards followed through on their threat to do a data dump of hidden KKK sympathizers. Totes legit this time, not like that trolling poser earlier.

Because that is completely related to celebrating the stopping of a terrorist bombing plot. Thanks, Alan Moore.