Happy holidays!!!!

I know there is some more threads about this,
but I just had to do one by myself too.

So to everyone on the boards here,
religeous/not religeous,
I hope I din’t miss anyone.;):slight_smile:

I wish you all a great and wounderful holiday,
and may all your dreams come true.


(Not the best christmas three,
I know,
but, hey I tryed).:slight_smile:

Aww…too cute! :slight_smile:

Same to you, Anniz

Happy Holidays to you too.

I have a question for you. Do you celebrate Christmas where you are? (Finland? Swedan? I really should go and read some old threads to find out where you are or I could just ask Monfort but anyway back to the topic)

If not Christmas is there a winter celebration equivilent?

I love your tree.


And a wonderful holiday season to you and yours!

Yes, they do celebrate Christmas in Sweden. In fact, Sweden’s quite the hotspot for X-mas themed dolls and whatnot. I suppose all the little blonde boys and girls sitting by the fireplace just evoke holiday cheer, I don’t know.

But, to my lovely and beautiful Anniz, God Jul. Skål! :slight_smile:

Yes, The Mermaid,
we do celebrait christmas here in Sweden.
But we give presents on the 24 December here,
a day earlier than in US I think?

Don’t you know that Santa Claus lives in Finland. Fighting ignorance [sub]mutter…mutter…[/sub]

Is it the holidays already? I didn’t think that the holidays started until Thanksgiving.

Of course if the advertisers had their way, the holiday season would start in July (NOTE: You can see my opinions on that at this thread.

anniz, any pics of you with candles on your head?

great tree.

hey dragwyr, thanksgiving was yestaurday.

Where you are (it was Columbus Day here). We still have to slog through October and most of November to get to ours.

“Over the river and through the woods”, my most copious butt. A three-hour wait at the terminal is more like it.

Where does the time go?


It’s a tipsy Christmas tree. Whaja do, feed it some eggnog?:wink:

If any one wonders,
this thread is bumped,
so I didn’t write it now.
I don’t start early to celebrate christmas,
not like the stores do.
It’s so tiering to see how early they start selling christams stuff.
Who buys that this time of year?

rocking chair, no, sorry no picturs of me
with white lights in my hair.
I wasn’t the popular one in school,
so I never got voted to be Lucia.:frowning:
Wish I had been that.

iampunha, you made me smile there,
a tipsy christmas tree, he, he.:slight_smile:

The good bathing suits are out in March.
School supplies are out in the beginning of July (school starts in August down here).
Wool sweaters are out in August.
Christmas and Halloween are both out in October.

Welcome to American capitalism.

“It’s a Mall World, after all.”