Happy (Lesser)Holidays - A Festive MMP

Thanks! Didn’t even notice.

Got the short walk in yesterday, and a longer walk today, but not up to Nellie’s standard. Not many people out walking - we went at lunch time, and most people were having lunch, plus the weather’s been under the weather.

Getting itchy to go somewhere, but still concerned about COVID messing up plans. Guess we’ll figure out something.

A young coyote visited the back yard this morning. It seemed curious, and we looked at each other for about 20 seconds before it calmly walked away. Wifey saw it too.

FINALLY got those new curtains up, after something like a two-week wait. Needed to wait for DH to be available. He managed to get those stupid little screws loosened enough to pull down the curtain rod, I took it from there. I do NOT like stepladder tasks when I’m home by myself, fearing falls (this is a neurosis I had pre-TIA), so stepladder activities tend to be limited to evenings and weekend. Anything requiring DH to actually participate is typically weekend.

Now to get him to haul out the saw and take care of some minor wood-cutting.

I am 6’2” and rather large. Rather than being uncomfortable with people coming up behind me, I become very uncomfortable when I’m the one coming from behind, especially to a woman alone.

I mean no harm, but she can’t know that. So if, say, I get off a bus at the same time as a woman I don’t know, I’ll make a point to walk in the other direction, or across the street, or at least walk quickly to get in front of her. It’s not much, but I try to do my part to not appear threatening.

The crowd at heathenization was light today, given the holiday. Got home, walked Nelson and am fixing to do KP from prepping the potluck dish and breakfast this morning.

Friday night and Saturday I had a very good time. It was the annual Godzilla and Friends film fest that;s run by a gentleman here in town. It started in 2006 but in 2020 it couldn’t be held, and last year it was online only. This year it was finally in person again, but sadly the organizer decided this would be the last year. It’s a lot of work each year. This year and in 2019 was a volunteer and I had a lot of fun helping.

Although I’m sorry that it won’t be going on this year was great. One thing that hasn’t been done before was a Zoom conference Saturday afternoon with a lady named Linda Miller. As a young woman she played a role in the Toho production King Kong Escapes(1968). She was nineteen at the time, living in Japan for several years with her parents. I think it was her dad who was there as a teacher, or on business. She made some money doing modeling and a producer saw her picture on a magazine cover and without any experience she was offered a role in the film. One of the things Ms Miller said was that she had no idea what she was doing, but people on the set helped her out and she had a good time. She was directed by Ishiro Honda himself, and played opposite Akiro Takarada, an important Japanese actor. She took some acting classes but only to help with the modeling. She said until about five years ago she had no idea anyone still thought about the movie or remembered her. The two gentleman online with her, at our festival, turned the screen around so we could clap and cheer for her, and she almost got teary. I’m bummed that the fun is over after these sixteen years, but it was great while it lasted.

I didn’t deheathenize today because my lower back and left shoulder were aching some. Last night, as I left the festival and got to my car I slipped and fell, but it was slow fall and I was on grass. The hardest part was simply finding a way to prop myself up and get on my feet. Some other folks leaving helped with that and I was grateful. That’s how it’s been, we’ve had a lot of regulars and have been friends.

Wheelz, you sound like a gentleman for taking other folks into consideration like that.


Howdy Y’all! We deheathenated and then were bears who brunch. Afterward it was back to da cave for nappage and general overall sloth, as we are wont to do. We brunched out on the patio. The temp was mid seventy-ish and there was a gentle breeze. So nice! We had mimosas and the buffet was incredible. Much merriment was made. Now 'tis chill mode. Oh, the biiiiiiiiiiig trash can has been hauled all the way down to the road for pickup tomorrow. Wouldn’t want y’all to think I forgot that.

Nellie I suppose one could be upright and dirty. OK, yes, we have been upright as well as downright and dirty. I shall let your imagination determine just what that could possibly mean.

Sunny I, too, am intrigued by the idea of cream cheese bizkits.

I feel the need for some Netflix and chill.


Ouch baker! I hope that you aren’t sore for too long.

Cleaned. It’s cold and cloudy outside. Blah. I’m having a Negroni for cocktail hour.

Dancing, if you’re Southern Baptist. :wink:

Feel better, Cupcakes!

Thanks for everyone who has expressed concerned, by now I feel pretty well. I think I was more sore this morning because I’d been laying down and still last night. Now that I’ve been up and moving around the kinks are mostly gone. I may take another couple of painkillers before bed again tonight, but that’s all I’ll need. I was lucky to have the soft ground and grass as I stumbled.

Stopped for the night just east of Columbus, OH. About 200 miles tomorrow, so we should easily get there before lunch. We cut out of class at lunch time so we got farther than originally planned, so yay!

Waves at everyone on her way by. It’s been pretty busy here, the wind is at danger levels and stuff was blowing around in our back yard. When one gallon pots full of posies start flying, it’s time to lock shit down.

Despite my protests, hubs climbed up on a ladder to cut down the dangling cables from the last owner’s satellite dish. All went well and it’s much quieter in the back end of the house. Of course, hearing the noises and banging against the side of the house scared the cats so much they missed their early afternoon nap.

Hubs bought some water alarms for under the sinks, tubs and water heater. They sound like a smoke alarm when they get even a few drops of water on them. Of course hubs can’t hear them and when the under the kitchen sink alarm went off the poor man was standing right next to it and wondering why GG and I were running around with our hands over our ears. (Well, I was the only one doing the hands over the ears thing but GG totally would have if he could have.)

We put the under the sink stuff in a bin and hubs got a flashlight and started looking for the leak. This was complicated because the water filtration system lives under the sink and can’t easily be pulled out and put in a tub.

You guys know those faucets with one handle that you have to move around to adjust the hot water and pressure? We think that valve is shot so hubs has the water shut off for the sink, ice maker and filtered water because they are all on one valve but so far, so good.

The poor man is going to be so sore in the morning, we are too old and gimpy to be crawling around on the floor and then getting back up. I’d be perfectly happy to take the valve into town and get a replacement, but that a man’s job so the he-man in the house will drag his sorry ass into town and then come back and fix the faucet and crawl around on the floor again.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but that man doesn’t suffer quietly!

Evening all. Spent the greater part of the day in Ketchican, Alaska, whose major business is separating ship travelers from their money. Walked around and visited one museum, then took a 3-hour tour on a “Crab Boat” (like those seen on "The Deadliest Catch), where we caught fish, prawns, octopi, and yes, crabs–many of them had been ‘seeded’ (except for the fish lines), but the ships personnel told us this beforehand so we knew…after all, a tour with empty nets/crates wouldn’t be any fun. Got to hold several varieties of crabs and watched about 2 dozen eagles fly near the ship for the fish bits we were throwing in the water. Along with personal adventures told by several of the crew (all were long-time fishermen), it was a very good trip. It also helped that it reached 58F with plenty of sunshine.

Currently sailing to Juneau tomorrow, relaxing before the 8:30pm dinner seating (which would be 11:30-12:30 for those of you east of the Mississippi).

Happy Mom day to all Moms.

Jane the Cane, Husband-unit is really going to regret all that work tomorrow. Have plenty of Ben-Gay and “I told you so’s” ready.

FCM, may your safe travels continue.

Cupcakes, hope you continue to feel better. And a sad end to a tradition with the Godzilla Festival; maybe someone will come along and revive it.

Wheelie, I’m 6’2" also, not quite as courteous as you but I do try not to come up directly behind someone and make enough noise that they know I am there.

Cookie, it’s always the same dance on house-buying; hope that’s the only glitch.

BBBoo, sounds like a good Iowa vacation plan; hoping it comes to fruition.

nellie, those are pretty good kids you raised.

OK, time for the pre-dinner drink and gab-fest followed by dining. All y’all take care.

I offered to run a hot bath for him but while we were discussing it I heard water start running at the back of the house. We don’t have interior water pipes back there but the watering system controls as well as a hose bib is on that corner of the house. One of the controller thingies had blown off the pipe and water was geysering roof high.

Hubs went out to the main valve and shut it off then came back saying stupid shit like WHAT ELSE COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG TONIGHT?!?

I almost smacked him with my cane, the dumbass.

My feelings won’t get hurt at all if you guys are laughing your butts off about now.

Hubs is still planning on taking his sorry he-man butt to the hardware store so he can fix the sink, but we are calling someone else to fix the watering system.

Getting old means paying someone to do something that we could have easily done if we were ten years younger.

I’d rather laugh with you after it all gets fixed.

And in my experience, five years can make all the difference. That may be my TBI talking as much as my age, so, by all means, bring on the laughs!

You can start laughing with me now cause laughing is always better than crying.

While we aren’t thrilled about spending the money to get the watering system fixed, as long as we are paying a plumber to come out, hubs wants to have my mister compressor hard plumbed in and have a hose bib put up on the back porch so I don’t have to drag hoses to get water up there. He might not say he loves me…

Our litter robot is not cycling. I shoulda whacked the dumbass before he managed to finish the sentence.

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to heave.

Having had more flooding than a torpedoed U-Boat, I’l pass on the laughing.

On Friday at work, we discovered we had made a major mistake with a product’s measurements, and thousands of dollars of work was at risk of being scrapped. It was bad enough that one of the team went home early, as his head was spinning, and then that night I had nightmares about it. But we didn’t tell the boss yet, we didn’t tell the sales rep either, and waited until Monday to address it.

So today we spent all day discussing the problem, and instead of laying blame, we figured out a solution, trialled it, and tomorrow we’ll have a prototype that will be almost as good as the original plan, and only then will we present it to the boss and sales rep. I went from initially very worried all the way through to proud of our resourcefulness.