Happy Memorial Day?

I found myself saying this yesterday, and thought it sounded odd. Throughout the day I heard it several more times, and it still sounded odd. But I can’t think of any alternatives. Have a solemn and respectful Memorial Day? Enjoy your Memorial Day?

Sure, not a big deal at all. And AFAIK no group has expressed their outrage at the War on Memorial Day. Of course, if you Google, you’ll find someone upset about everything - this included. Just wondering if any other Dopers noticed this, and had any suggestions.

To me, it isn’t so much a “holiday” as a time to remember and reflect on the service and sacrifice of others in a way that is up to the individual. Go to a service at the VFW, observe a moment of silence, whatever. Then carry on with your day in a way that the sacrifices of others weren’t in vain.

The manufactured outrage that “Happy Memorial Day” is insulting, the condescending memes ("…in case you thought it was National BBQ Day" :dubious: ) and “I hate Memorial Day” articles are just a load of self-serving crap. I suppose sacrifices were made in order for the living to be assholes, too. Freedom of speech and all that. If you thank an active duty serviceman or a vet for their service, you are not being disrespectful. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the day and accomplished something.

Yes, it’s always struck me as inappropriate, sort of wishing a Jewish person a Happy Yom Kippur.

Which I did many, many times growing up in a largely Jewish community. My friends/neighbors always handled it well, explaining the meaning of the day.

I used to get “Happy Memorial Day” or “Thank you for your service” on Memorial Day all the time. I appreciated their sentiment, but the day really isn’t for me.

In fact, there is no one alive to whom you should wish “Happy Memorial Day”

Memorial Day is a time to remember the military people killed in the nation’s wars. It’s NOT about veterans, or about vets who died peacefully decades later, or anything like that.

Conversely, Veterans Day is about veterans, primarily living, but I suppose also ones who died in peacetime after their wars were over.

It’s not disrespectful to thank people for their service on Memorial Day, but it isn’t exactly the right day for it either, just like talking about the military dead on Veterans Day isn’t the right time either (unless you’re in France, or the Commonwealth somewhere, where it’s Armistice Day)

I don’t have a problem with the idea of having a BBQ on Memorial Day though; it’s better to commemorate their lives and sacrifice with a happy celebration than to do some sort of medieval-monk style fasting and flagellation ritual to observe the holiday.

I heard a talking head on some news broadcast sign off with “Have a meaningful Memorial Day.”
It doesn’t have the right ring to it for passing someone on the street, but it kinda worked in context.

I’ve never felt the inclination to greet (or say good bye) to anyone any differently on Memorial Day.

Christmas and New Year’s are the only two holidays I would change my greeting.