Happy National Bow Tie Day!

Happy National Bow Tie Day, everyone! :slight_smile:

I wore a bow tie to a wedding a couple weeks ago. Garnered lots of comments, especially from the ladies that were present. My wife told me I am to never wear it again.

They’re really stretching it for new holidays. Myself, I’m waiting for National Crotchless Panties Day.

I wasn’t allowed to wear a bow tie to my wedding. :frowning: (She also nixed my backup plan – a fez – and a stingy trilby after that. ‘Stop scrunching your hair!’)

I often receive compliments on Bow Tie Wednesdays when I go out for lunch.

Bow ties are cool.

I think so.

Bill Nye
‘Doctor George’ Fishbeck
Sean Connery
Daniel Craig

Willy Wonka Tell you about how I tied it myself? Well, first I put it around my neck. Then I used the long end to make an overhand knot. Next I brought the short end up into position and brought the long end over it. Then I folded up the ends of the short end and passed the middle of the long end through the hole in the knot. Then I pulled it tight and adjusted it. :slight_smile:

And, of course, The Doctor.

This is what I was referring to…
My tech lead wears bow ties at the office sometimes. He can pull it off. I don’t think I can. I wear one once a year, at the Breast Cancer Awareness Pub Trivia that my local pub. It’s pink. (My bow tie. Not the pub. The pub is more of a dark red.)

I can remember when John Molloy (Dress for Success) said, “In general, I have found that people believe that a man in a bow tie will steal.” It was about 1977.