Happy Nigel Tufnel Day: This One Goes to 11

Happy 11/11/11 everybody - it’s Nigel Tufnel Day! (link to UK paper The Guardian)

For those that not in the know, here’s the clip that started it all.

That’s pretty funny. I have never seen this movie. It was in my que before I dropped netflix, darn those price hikes.

Happy 11-11-11.

We’re throwing a party to mark the occasion. CrazyCatLady has constructed a Stonehenge that’s in danger of being crushed by a dwarf. We’re serving full-sized cold cuts on tiny bread and indifferently-stuffed olives.

Are you going to have puppet show?

I just started a thread Eleven (now in The Game Room) where I link to 11:11 and other fun clock things which was active in March/2009 on a similar topic.

Later I’ll be performing a Mach piece, and then a barbershop raga.

And, as an encore, we’ll have the first live performance of “Lick My Love Pump”.

Listen to the sustain on that baby!

No, the puppets insisted on first billing and the bigger dressing room.

About seven years ago, I was in the market for an inexpensive tube amp to use in my band. I looked at a few brands, but when I saw the control panel on the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe I pulled the trigger. Nigel certainly has one of these amps. It goes to 12!! That’s one more.

If that picture is too hard to read because of the size, here’s a phone pic of the volume know on my actual amp.

Perhaps I could be the haberdasher.

Dude, you’re suggesting that Nigel Tufnel would play a Fender amp :wink:
Fenders are capable of subtlety. I don’t think Nigel knows what that means.

But it goes to 12! Think of that.

Well it certainly puts things in perspective…

My Peavey Vypyr amp actually goes to 13. That’s another one more! :smiley:

The volume for BBC’s online iPlayer goes to 11 as well.

Too much perspective!

Such a fine line between clever and stupid.

Nigel Tufnel Designed My Air Conditioner

(However, the link in that OP is now dead – here’s a mirror)

And that line has been thoroughly tromped upon. Good show all!