Happy olivesmarch4th day everyone!

Especially to olivesmarch4th!

Hope you have a good day. Is it your birthday or something?

Happy birthday!

You need lots of cute so here it is:


Bappy Hirthday!

Hip Hip Hooray !

Happy Birthday!! Eat lots of cake.

Yay! I don’t know what the tradition is for this day but I’ll celebrate it by going and eating a few olives. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to **olivesmarch4th **and anyone else with a birthday this week. And has that piglet on Cute Overload been photoshopped? It looks about the size of my thumb.

It just might be. The big 3-0. But I think this is a good place to be at 30. I’m all excited because I got a new office chair that doesn’t hurt my back. And I decluttered my kitchen and living room. So, you know, yay 30.

That is an overwhelming amount of cute. I enjoy Pomeranian Burrito.

For the record, I hate the taste of olives. By all means, go eat some; the world needs fewer of them. And instead of cake, I have cheap Betty Crocker blueberry muffins and have done that ever since I was a kid. Not that I have anything against cake…

Happy Birthday!

Yep. You’re definitely getting older Olives. You now get all excited about new office chairs and cleaning. :smiley:

Happy Birthday!

Hippo birdie, two ewe,
Hippo birdie, two ewe,
Hippo birdie, deer ewe,
Hippo birdie, two ewe!

And many moooooooooore . . .

You’re a class act, Olives. I hope your day is fantastic.

Happy day, Olives… and the rest of the year to you as well.

Happy birthday from me as well! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Olives! I hope it’s absolutely wonderful, just like you. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday!! :smiley:

You guys rock!

So my husband gave me this CD by the Banana Slug String Band, all about ocean life. And there’s this great barnacle song.

I put my feet out in the tide
So I can be well-fed
I’m a barnacle, a barnacle,
I’m standing on my head!

So I texted my Mom that I was a barnacle and before I knew it she had everyone in my family texting me what sea creature they choose to be today. We got a crab, two seashorses, two sea turtles, a starfish and a porpoise. It was pretty great.

And then… best news of all… my husband received an internship interview invitation today for Match phase 2. It gives us some hope that we’re going to get outta here this summer. We’ll know on the 25th.

Happiest of happies!

A Verry Happy, Happy Birthday to you! :slight_smile:

Welcome to your 30s!

Hope you’re having an awesome birthday, and I’ll deem myself an axolotl in your honor, then I’ll stay that way because they can regenerate limbs.

Happy Olives Day, Marches!
No wait… Happy March Day, Olives!
No…no… Happy 4th Olive Marching Day!
Um… Happy B-Day!

Now I’m off to eat some olives. :slight_smile: