Happy post: Japanese Octogenerian Sits in with New Orleans Jazz Band

I saw this on reddit this morning (that board is good for some things…). It’s so wonderful.

This Japanese woman was a jazz drummer in her younger days, and she and her late husband had always dreamed of going to New Orleans. Her granddaughter asks the band if they will let her sit in. They escort her up to the stage, along with grandpa’s picture.

The video is fuzzy, but so worth watching. The whole thing is about 6 minutes; advance it to 3 minutes if you want to skip the lead-in. Made me cry. In a good way. I needed this this morning.

By some weird coincidence, I must have been cutting some onions when I watched this.

That was a very welcome shot of positive news. Thanks. I’ve made a few dozen people watch it.

Thanks so much, Thelma. I needed that.

I’ve watched that about eight times. :slightly_smiling_face: When they’re in the hotel room and the granddaughter says to tell grandpa… :cry: I just melt into a sweet, happy puddle.



Really, really nice. Thanks for this.

I’ve watched this about 15 times now… I just can’t stop. And get goosebumps every time. The granddaughter crying in the audience is so sweet.

“do what you wish…just do it happily”

“It was a good day.”

Thank you for posting that ThelmaLou. It made my day, too.

That totally fucking rocked.

YT has just enough of these videos that it tries to create a rabbit hole, apparently. :smiley:

This is for the people who think when you pass a certain age you forget everything you ever knew how to do. Old people know stuff. And know how to do stuff.