Happy Sesquicentennial...

To California! Today (Oct. 13) is the exact date that in 1849 the constitution of California was signed in Colton Hall in Monterey (The first capital of California). Of course, Monterey is having a big celebration for it at Colton Hall (Which looks the same as it did then).

‘The beginning calls for courage; the end demands care’

Wisconsin had it’s sesquicentennial last year. Maybe a lot of states were admitted in the mid 1800’s.

Know I know which was the 30th state :). Anyway, many states were aquired in the 1800’s probably because Americans had started to roll out west at that time. Monterey BTW is 209 years old since it was established by the Spanish in 1790.

‘The beginning calls for courage; the end demands care’

California, 1850. Minnesota, 1856. Oregon, 1858. Kansas, 1861. West Virginia (broke with Virginia when 40 western counties voted not to secede), 1863. Nevada 1864 (on Halloween!). Nebraska, 1867. Colorado, 1876. No more until 1889.

“If you drive an automobile, please drive carefully–because I walk in my sleep.”–Victor Borge

Arizona, Valentine’s Day 1914

What I find unfortunate, in an old-fogey-muttering-kind-of-way, is that California felt compelled to define “sesquicentennial” on its license plates: “Sesquicentennial – 150 Years.”

And more events occurring all over town, here in Monterey, this weekend to continue the celebration!

(p.s.: I love the fact that the western counties of Virginia expressed their displeasure at secession by seceding!)

Cheers from the town where the State Constitution was signed 150 years ago!