Happy Soltice!

Winter is a’cumin in
Sing goddamn!
Winter is a’cumin in
Sing goddamn!

Freezth river
turnth liver
And how the wind doth ram.


Sung to the tune of?

And baby, it’s cold outside. Do you celebrate the Winter Solstice? Holiday greetings to all of you who do!

----:)/ x x x

Of course you’re not supposed to bump your own thread, especially when it’s beem gone so long. However:

This is the third time it’s snowed JUST THIS WEEK and I really think it is time to praise the Gods of winter.

Anyway, I was asked a question:

It’s to the tune of “Sing Cuck-coo” a traditional English song welcoming spring. It was written by Ezra Pound.

Now. Everybody with snow in their shoes. Everybody whose lungs hurt from breathing 2 degree air. Everybody with a really bad cold:

“Sing GAWD-DAMN!!!”


We’ve had a thaw here, so it’s relatively warm (up to thirty-eight degrees Wednesday).

But yesterday there was freezing drizzle, which made for awful driving conditions.

So, I’ll sing it: gawd-dammmnnnnn!