Happy St. Urho's Day

Happy St. Urho’s Day!

Heinäsirkka, heinäsirkka,mene täältä hiiteen"

WHEE!!! So, how do I celebrate? Drink some wine? Chase grasshoppers? Drink grasshoppers? What’s the official food? There’s so much to know! Tell us oh, great St. Urho!

Have you seen this site? See the statue of Urho with the giant grasshopper!:


That’s easy for you to say.

Beer is always appropriate.


Wear purple. Also, I hereby proclaim the official food to be pasties.

Well, DUH! :stuck_out_tongue:

But how do you get women to wear them on their breasts?

Does it involve beer? How much?

I object to that final question as it implies that there is, in fact, such a thing as too much beer.
Second the pasties. Bring 'em on. Attaching them to women first is optional, but a nice touch.

Well, I tried, but now I’ve got gravy and vegetable bits all over… :confused:

Finland has a grape crop?


No. Really?

It’s so they can make ice wine Shirley.

Should we be sayin’ “OOMPH DAH!” a lot today?

I grew up about 10 miles from there. I love telling southerners about St. Urho! It makes me feel like Betty White in the Golden Girls.

Ummmm…gravey and vegetable bits!

Now I’m always going to see that silly bobble-head guy when I read your posts. That’s what you look like to me now. :slight_smile:

Happy Day, St. Urho!

That’s too bad, I like this guy much better. :smiley:

Hauskaa Pyha Urjo Paivaa! (sorry about the letter “a”) I wondered why I never heard of this urho when I was in Finland. Now I know, it was purely a construct of the Finnish Diaspora in Minnesota.

Beer and St Urho, in Finland: St Urho’s Pub in downtown Helsinki.

So, purple beer? Grape soda OK too?

My Day is coming up on the 28th. squee