Happy The Shining Day

Today is February 17th, or 2/17. Mwahahahahahah.

Ever since I read Kings “The Shining” I’ve always taken note on this date. I also recall another doper calling out June 3rd as “Billy Joe McCallister Day” which I thought was very cute and have since adopted the phrase.

What other days can we officially commemorate based on elements of books or songs?

Also, if you can think of a better name than The Shining Day that’d be great because it is rather clunky.

Maybe it’s “Here’s Johnny” day.
“The Third of September” is “The Day My Daddy Died” in The Temptation’s “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.”

March 15 could be Happy Vehicle Day since it was performed by The Ides of March.


May 10th is the Night they Drove Old Dixie Down.

Also, December 1st is mentioned in Sweet Baby James.

It’s not in the lyrics, but the official song for April 15th seems to be “Taxman.”

I’m the guilty party.

Other song/event days:

November 10 – Edmond Fitzgerald Day

October 20 – Lynyrd Skynyrd Day (plane crash)

Feb 3 - “American Pie”

I was trying to determine what night the lights went out in Georgia. Strange where dope threads can take you sometimes.

April 4 - “Pride (In the Name of Love)”

January 30 - “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

The Shining Day needs to be celebrated with a link to that awesome fake trailer.

Not to be confused with March 14, American Pi.

Yes, just not early morning! Speaking of U2, I wonder what song we could reference on January 1st . . .

I think January 3rd (Tolkien’s Birthday) should be named an international holiday.
We could also celebrate March 25th: The death of Sauron/ the beginning of the Forth Age.
Celebrate September 22nd it’s Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday.

Yes, I know March the 25th was celebrated as New Years day in Europe for centuries.

June 6 is always “Convoy Day” to me.

Your wish is my command.

December 25 is Funksmas, the day our Godfather of Soul, James Brown, ascended unto funky Heaven.

IRL, my Daddy did die on the Third of September, and it is a day I’ll always remember. That’s pretty much where the similarities end, though, as he wasn’t a Rolling Stone by any means. But I’ll never hear that song the same again.

On a lighter note, there’s Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May”:
*'Cause it’s the first of May, first of May
Outdoor fucking starts today
So bring your favorite lady
Or at least your favorite lay