Happy "World Refugee Day"

Happy “World Refugee Day”!

They didn’t have to live like this, but they do! So take a few moments to reflect on the great contributions of refugees through the ages, and then get out there and buy a burger for your favorite refugee. And remember to thank them for the selfless service they give to the world every day.

This thread is dedicated to the great refugees who have overcome unimaginable horrors and forsaken their homelands in order to make a better world for all of us.

I’d like to start by honoring Mr. Albert Einstein. I’d buy him a burger, but he’s dead. So I’ll give one to my neighbor Alexsander Velasquez, who is just a guy from Venezuela but seems to work real hard and did get shot at a couple times before coming to the US.

This is a place and thread where it’s ok to get sappy, right?

Here’s to a world where people who want to stay home can and those who want to move away can too.

OK, Anderson Cooper, I’ll talk to you but only because it’s World Refugee Day and because you agree not to ask me too many questions about Brad and Shiloh. /channelling Angelina Jolie