Hard-Core Baseball Fans Only: Where's Dave Nilsson?

Please excuse me for this off-topic post but only the Teeming Millions can help me on this:

He was a great catcher for the Brewers. Then he dropped out of the 2000 season to play for Australia’s Olympic Baseball team. Then he tried to come back but failed a physical last year. Does anyone in Australia or USA know if there is any reasonable expectation of his ever returning to the USA Major Leagues?

According to the limited info I could find, Nilsson agreed to terms with the Red Sox this winter, then failed his physical. More recently, he claims to have been contacted by a few teams but is not yet in playing condition.


Driving through the Midwest this summer, I heard Dave Nilsson being interviewed on a Brewers postgame show (powerful station those Brewers are on, I could hear it in Grand Rapids.)

This was right before the All Star Game and Nilsson hoped to hook on with a big league team after the break, but apparently he found no takers. Probably no team thought he was in shape.

I’m sure someone will invite him to spring training as an NRI (non-roster invitee)

He played in Japan in the early part of 2000, but he was terrible over there.