Hard Disk Recovery

So, recently i dug up my old Pentium 1, to relive some old Commander Keen Memories, etc…
when i rememberd that someone thought that because i had a new Athlon 1Ghz computer i wouldnt need the P1, and ran the
“delete d:\games” command
Oh yes, my rage was indiscribable, but i’ve cooled down since then, and have recently been pondering…
in what i’ve learnt about computers: the delete command doesnt acually scrub the hard disk, but just marks areas to be written over…
now i know that nothing (or very little) has been written since the devious “delete” command. so what are the chances that i could recover some of my old time memories?
Rewrite history with the zulus, by having every world wonder every built in the same city
Run through a mad labryinth with a prince in white pyjamas
Turn a total wuss whose only skill is holding his breath into a famous pirate…

any chance at all?

Entries are deleted from the FAT but the files are still on the disk. www.hackers.com has a SecureClean program for about $30 that will show you the files that have been deleted/still available for recovery/ and wipe the disk clean. There are other programs that will wipe disks but i don’t know of anything free.

Umm, thats cool
30 squids is rather a lot though…
does anyone know of a cheaper version of this?

MS DOS Undelete is free.

What operating system? Don’t write to the HD. Try download.com might be some undeleters there.

But if running FAT32 or NTFS, undelete won’t do anything b/c it can’t even read the disk at all.

Undelete’ll work… I’ve used Drive Rescue (v 1.9b) to undelete files from a FAT32 system. (Note that the guy released that version free, but charges for his later versions so you have to search a bit). Try to make sure you’re undeleting to a location other than the drive in question.

If it really is CK you’re after, I bet you can get it online. This site claims to have it. For old games you can’t buy anymore, it’s probably easier to go to some abandonware site and see if they’ve got it.

thanks for the replys
i’m running win95 on the old p1, although i think NT is installed too…
i’m not sure which one of the two was used to run the delete command though
i’ll try some of these things suggested tonight