Hard Drive Capacity - why does it say it's full, when it really isn't?

Sorry…. Techie computer question coming…

My external hard drive acts like it is almost full, yet the Properties of the drive still shows plenty of space.

Gory details: My external drive is a 200GB Maxtor One Touch II.
When I look at the Properties of that drive, it indicates:

Type: Local Disk
File System: FAT32
Used Space: 88.3 GB
Free Space: 101 GB
Capacity: 189 GB

Problem: When I now try to copy a file of 7 GB onto that drive, I get an error message saying that there is not enough free space. :confused:

How should I tackle this problem? I would expect I could use another 101 GB on that drive.
My computer is a Dell purchased in 2006, running XP.

Why did you format it as fat32?

Fat32 has a file size limit. You’ve got space … the file is too big.

Fat32 has a maximum file size of 2^32 - 1 bytes, or just under 4 GiB. You will have to convert the file system to NTFS - Here is an article from Microsoft on how to do that.

This place is great!
Thanks. :slight_smile:

The problem is not free space, but that FAT32 has a file size limit of 4 GB. Either split your file or convert the drive to NTFS or ExFAT (Wikipedia is better). I’ve not used ExFAT, so cannot vouch for it.

See here for adding ExFAT support to Windows XP.

OK, one more question…

When I attempt to convert my k: drive, using this command:
convert k: /fs:ntfs
it returns this message:
CONVERT is not available for RAW drives.

What’s going on here? The properties of my external k: drive say it’s a FAT32. So why am I getting that message, and what should I do?

Is part of your external drive unformatted?