Hard Drive Over 6tb

I have a Hitachi 6tb hard drive, that is great, I just recently got an ad from Newegg featuring a 10tb hard drive (Western Digital), and I see they are making them from 7tb and up now.

I was just wondering if anyone has actually bought a hard drive greater than 6tb and what your opinions are about them.

I don’t really have a question, I am still a good 1.5tb from filling up my 6tb drive, so I’m not looking right away, just wondering what the results and opinons are of those who have already own drives greater than 6tb


That porn addiction is a beyatch, ain’t it? :wink:

… jokes a guy still trying to fill up his 750g backup drive. But not with porn. At least, not totally.

Wow. I had no idea that drives had gotten that large, although perhaps I should not be surprised. My current one is 1.5TB, I think.

I shoot HD video at about 12-13 GB / hour / camera.
I haven’t started shooting 4k yet because of storage space issue, coupled with the fact that not that many people can view it on anything other than a phone & I don’t think a screen that small does it justice.

I think they should be fine, just read the reviews and judge accordingly. But if you can afford it, buy a second one to use as a backup. Regularly copy all the data from drive1 to drive2. The following Command Prompt command will do that, assuming the drives are c: and d:

xcopy c:* d:* /e /d /c

/e tells it to copy all subfolders, even empty ones.
/d tells it to only copy files that are newer or don’t exist at the destination.
/c tells it to continue copying even if individual files have access errors (system files, etc.)

Note this will not give you a bootable backup, not even close. This just backs up all files that your currently logged in account has access to, which should include all your photos/music/videos/documents.

Mine is only 3TB and it’s only about half full. As someone who has been in the computer manufacturing business since the paper tape and punch card days, that’s an almost unbelievable size.

I’ve always been a believer that riding the bleeding edge can only get one into trouble so I’m not one to run out and buy the biggest/fastest gadget. I always assume that the biggest hard drives are only just barely reliable to bring to market.

One more thing, if your data is important to you, remember back it up. I have a couple of 3TB external drives and I use a leapfrog syncing strategy to back up all my data. I’ve lost data before and it sucks.


What standing wave said. ↑ ↑ ↑
Back up
Back up
Back up

Smaller is cheaper

More bays
More bays
More bays

If I need more bites, more drives on line
If I need more bites, more drives on line
If I need more bites, more drives on line

All copies in a fire proof safe
All copies in a fire proof safe
All copies in a fire proof safe

If it is not connected nor in the tower
Bad guys, wives, little brothers, drunks, lightning, fires, floods, hackers, kidnappers of systems, the newest malware, worms, scripts and forgetfulness are all defeated !!!

Careful labeling & color coding and attention to detail allows you to sleep well even at night during a storm while your friends are screaming about any of the above reasons for losing their data.

Do not fly the A model of anything.
Do not ride on the tip of the arrow.

Your information should never be risked like the money in your pocket at a casino.

99% of the stuff on my computer and stored media will be of no interest to anyone after I die. I am 72. I have quit worrying. But this old habit I am keeping just because I want to never be the one crying out in panic…

The fun part is no one who is not already doing this type of thing will not start doing it until the day after they should have done it and it is now too late. Threads like this are like threads on religion, politics, P-51 vs Spitfires, Fords vs Chevy, mac vs pc and on to ad nauseam.


I can remember my boss and I saying gleefully “We’ll never fill up this new 1 meg hard drive!” Now I have a 4TB drive being delivered tomorrow for my home use.

I’ve got a 2TB drive that I use for my photos and it’s nearly full. I’m going to have to upgrade in the next few months.

Zev Steinhardt