Hard wooden chairs and no butt meat

I recently lost 80 pounds. And now I have Noassatal. When at home my chairs are comfy. However, many restaurants here have wooden chairs and after 10 minutes my tailbone hurts.

I have viewed seven pages of Amazon’s seat cushions and maybe fake reviews.

Would like to know if any of you folks have experience with this issue and hopefully a solution.

Thank you.

What is there to review? It’s a piece of cloth or leather thats stuffed. Do you want it to vibrate or heat up or tell your fortune?

Don’t bother with stuff like Forever Comfy. I’ve owned two and both became useless in six months due to the gel leaking.

Gel meshes like Egg Sitter and Purple really do help; I’m sitting on one of the former right now. One mesh wall did break so two of the cells have merged; I’m thinking Purple’s thicker walls would hold up better.

Is your plan to bring the cushion with you when eating out? Perhaps that will work but it seems slightly unwieldy. Don’t some restaurants have alternative seating arrangements? (Like an upholstered booth rather than a hard chair.)

Thank you for the reply. Restaurants here, note location, don’t have alternative seating.

Yes, I will bring it into the restaurant and enjoy eating my meal.

Thank you for the reply.

There are seven pages of different types of cushions. Stuffed with many different stuffing. Yes, lots of product to chose from. Reviews may give information on how well they have performed.

Obviously, you don’t shop via internet.

Gracias Skywatcher. I appreciate your input.

Expand your search to “stadium seat cushions.” Some of the offerings are quite portable and handy. I use one when going to concerts and such at the school when I have to sit on wooden bleachers.

I use one of these for sciatica. Over 6000 5 star reviews.

After my prolapse surgery, anything I sat on was like a bed of nails. I bought a gel cushion that had a cool carry handle. I still use it in the car. The long drive between SCal and NE AZ has a tendency to anesthetize the tailbone.

I’m using my tablet now and I cannot copy and paste the link. Search Amazon for:
Gel cushion “Drive”

I have no padding advice but as someone who’s trying to lose his big butt, CONGRATS! What a great problem to have… hope to join you in cushion-shopping eventually.

I have always had a tall and lanky frame, so this is a lifelong problem for me. The worst is airline seats - kill my tailbone.
Actually, the best solution I have found is bad posture. Slouched or tilted toward one hip is how I sit at my desk everyday.

This will eventually lead to back problems.

Hey, I have plenty of butt meat and hard wooden chairs are painful for me, too. And if there’s anything I hate it’s perching on top of a tall hipster barstool with a hard wooden or plastic seat. That purple cushion looks like a good solution.

Another low-meat person here. There are okay wooden chairs and terrible wooden chairs.

Those Adirondack chairs are worse than terrible. Is anyone ever comfortable in those?

This has never been a problem for me. But it seems to me you can either work on yourself, ask restaurants if they have a cushion, bring your own thing, or just get used to it.

Working on yourself means going to a weight room and doing squats and pelvic thrusts to build muscle. Restaurants may have a cushion they lend. A coat might also work, but not so much in Mexico.

There is an inflatable rubber ring that is recommended to people with hemorrhoids. It takes the pressure off the tuckus and distributes it around the upper thigh. A portable version of this might be ideal if you are not too self conscious.

A better option might be one of those that is designed to relieve pressure on the tailbone itself - I slipped on the stairs back in July and am reasonably sure I broke my tailbone.

I bought one like this.. It’s a bit unwieldy to carry around (though I have been known to bring it in to the client site a couple of times). I took it on a long car drive several times this fall and it did help with the ass fatigue but it’s so thick that it made a noticeable difference in my seating height - as in, had to adjust the mirrors, and tended to clong my head on exiting / entering the car (more so than i usually do, that is).

I love the Temperpedic seat cushion.

Thank you for all the replies. I ended up buying this one. Hasn’t arrived yet.