Hardware Crashes

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hardware crashes

My computer still runs but it crashes if too much is going on. My question is how do I backup all my files on a cd before I send it in to get fixed. Is there an easy way instead of going file to file and putting them on the disk. I don’t believe I can find the disks that came with the computer for back up.
Maybe this isn’t the place to post it but please let me know before I lose everything thanks dopers
I must have posted this in the wrong place before, as I received no feedbacks, I’m still learning please forgive me

You could grab the demo of Acronis true image 10 and do a CD or DVD backup of your drive. Only problem is if your problem ends up being a new motherboard that image is about a 50/50 shot at being worthless.

Obligatory biased computer shop owner .02 cents worth.

Depending on where you are taking it you may want to consider discussing it with the shop, they will quite often have exellent tools for backing up/rescuing files en masse.

The only thing I am really worried about is the pictures, I guess, that’s all I can think of but do I need to backup anything else

Most places offer to back up your stuff for you before fixing things, either as part of the service or for an extra fee. I would ask the shop what they do and see if they can’t get you a backup.

If you use outlook email you may want to back that up, internet favorites, and if you have any expensive software (like a recent pro version of office) you may want to at least extract keys for later reinstallation.

Not sure what OS you are running but MS includes backup software in XP at the very least (can’t remember but pretty damn sure in 2000 as well, maybe all of the rest as well). This makes it fairly painless to backup your data.

Go to start–programs—accessories—system tools ---- backup and follow the wizard.

it is not normally installed on XP home but it is on the CD in the extras folder.

I got a problem, I think there is too much too backup and it crashes before it can go through all the functions. what you said was working great, but how do I get rid of some of the temporay internet files not needed, (taking up way to much space) I think if I can get rid of some of those I might be able to cruz right along with the back up… thanks for all your help, I think this message board was well worth subscriping to. I am learning so much thanx

IE ----> tools---->internet options----> delete cookies and delete files

thanks it worked