Hardware question, PC w/Win98se

(This is being relayed blindly for a friend. I hope I get all the terms right.)
He wants to put a DVD drive (Read only) and a CD R/W drive on the same secondary cable and doesn’t know which should be slave and which should be master or if it doesn’t matter.
(Wow, I never knew computers played THOSE kinds of games…)

Doesn’t matter.

Thank you!

A larger issue may be drivers for these things. Without software support, either drive will probably work just fine as a CD-ROM drive, but there may be trouble with DVD playback or CD burning.

From Plextor’s website:

(I just used Plextor as an example as they’re the first name to pop into my head)

Step one will be to install the drives, the start the computer. If Windows assigns drive letters to them, you’re halfway there. The other half will be to install appropriate software to handle DVD playback and CD burning - you may need to dig out an older version. For example, Roxio’s “Easy Media Creator” is currently at version 7.5, which will not work - you’ll need version 6.0 to work with Win98.