hardwood floors - how do I add to them?

I am doing some remodling. Part of that project is to expand the origional hardwood floors into another room that is currently vinal tile on plywood. The boards currently run N-S with a finishing piece running E-W at the boarder to that other room.

what I would like to do is take up that E-W board, remove pieces in the N-S boards so there is no definable breakpoint, install new boards so the floor continues N-S all the way through both rooms.

My question is can this be reasonably done? Will I be able to find wood the same size that will slide into boards cut 50 yrs ago? Will I be able to sand down the new boards so the height is the same? Will I be able to buy the same type of wood?

the current wood floor has some yellow wood along with some darker wood - I am assuming maple but don’t know.

Yikes! I think the job you’re describing will make you want to fling yourself into traffic if actually undertaken.

All the problems you listed: uneven floor height, fit of new boards, etc. etc. will cause this.

As will the inability to match the color - the old wood will be much more faded, and the fact that hardwood isn’t really designed to be “slid” into existing floors in the way you describe. Ideally you start at a wall and work your way out, staggering the boards - even if you could get boards to fit in with the old floor, getting new boards to fit in with the “fitted” boards in the new room will be a nightmare!

I would recommend leaving the old floor as is - perhaps getting it refinished - and add the new floor in the new room at a 45 degree angle to the old floor - it’s not as smooth a transition, but it will still look attractive.

The other alternative is to replace everything - this may seem more expensive, but when you factor in the time, agony and frustration your proposed project will cause you, I think you’ll find it’s quite economical.

Good luck!

I suggest checking out your local used building supply outlet. I was contemplating a similar project and had no problem finding a match for the hardwood used in the rest of the house.

alice_in_wonderland that is what I feared. I was considering making the section 90 degree (starting with the one finishing piece but 45 will look better.

ned did you do such a job? if so what difficulty did you run into? were you able to slide the pieces in or did you project not involve sliding?

etgaw1 did pretty well but just want to point out that an aircraft wing design would more liklely fall to a aerospace engineer then a ME.

There you go.

get in contact with an aerospace engineer and have them work up an aircraft wing design pattern for the second room. A hardwood floor with a bit of modern art feel to it.


Well, I DO do this kind of work , and all I can suggest is that you ask all your friends to give you the name of their favorite flooring guy and go from there.
You can and will open up Pandoras box if you don’t know what your doing.
Uneven floor hieghts?
How many times has the existing floor been sanded?
Sliding? I hardly think so.
Underlayment on the new floor, what is it?
Man, do you really want to start the job, and then call a guy to come and fix your f-ups anyway?
end of rant!