Hari Seldon is retiring

Getting in late, but here’s another heartfelt thanks, Hari.

It’s pretty tough to be a mod,
When posters pout, professing fraud,
I’m guessing that it takes a toll
To try for traction with a troll.
To take these whiners under wing,
And do that diplomatic thing.
Fanatics frothing, throwing fits.
How could one handle half of it?
The grime, the gristle and the grease?
Well thanks for trying to keep the peace.
I’m not surprised you cut the cord
You might deserve some big award.
Financed in florins, fame or francs -
Yet all I offer is my thanks.



Adding my thanks to the chorus!

Not a bad first effort. However, the second draft replaces this line with:

“The grumbles, griping and the grease.”

Thank you, Hari!

I’d try to use the word “gremlins”, but associate the word with chubby children and the importance of staying dry.

Thank you.

And probably a long strange trip. Keep truckin’, man.*


*Have no idea why I made the GD reference. It just seemed the right thing to do.