Hari Seldon is retiring

Hari Seldon is retiring as an SDMB moderator. We thank Hari for his service and look forward to his continued contributions as a member of this board.

To work on his hobby of forecasting the future of the galactic empire?

P.S. More seriously: Thank you for your efforts, Hari

Thanks for all of your time and hard work, Hari.

Thank you Hari.

This moderator gig is harder than it looks and can be stressful, too. Thank you for hanging in for as long as you did and for your good efforts.

Thanks for all the hard work!

Well done, Hari Seldon. Throughout your history here, you’ve dealt with psychos quite well. I’m glad to be with you at the terminus of your mod journey. Others will deal with mulish characters here in the future.

Even with the weird floaty thing?

Especially with the weird floaty thing. I have one in my meditation chamber too.

Thank you, Hari.

Thank you, Hari. Indeed, moderating can be very difficult, and i really appreciate your work.

I want to “like” this post.

Adding my voice the the chorus of “thanks”. This thread goes to show that moderating isn’t a complete thankless job. :slight_smile:

:resisting urge to make @FloatyGimpy joke:

Thanks for your hard work, Hari!

Thank you Hari, it’s a horrible burden you took up, and glad you are able to put it down and join the rest of us in the ruckus rousing, rather than have to treat everyone even-handedly, especially those who are really, really asking for it.

Thank you for all you hard work and dedication.

Thanks for all your efforts, you did really well!

Thank you, Hari, for all of your work!

Thanks for your hard work!

Thank you Hari!