Time to hang up the jackboots

Yep, I’m stepping aside as a mod.

There’s no juicy, scandalous reason so disappointed conspiracy theorists must be satisfied with faked moon landings. It’s been a blast and I’ve enjoyed the hell outta the gig. But five years is a good run and this will give me some extra time to take care of stuff that I’ve successfully procrastinated for ages. Like actually finishing my dining room, though I’ve become rather attached to the scaffold that’s loomed in the middle of the room for a mere (gulp) half-decade.

Besides, I kept telling myself that work (the real job that pays the bills) would settle down. HA! Now that was a rosy little delusion. Work pressures have increased, if anything, and it’s gotten harder and harder to carve out enough time to do a decent job of modding. I’ve had to take too many temporary hiatuses as a mod to cope with work emergencies and projects. That isn’t fair to the board, the members or my stellar, long-suffering co-mods.

Grim reality just finally slapped me right upside the chops, damnitall. Enough denial, already. This will feel very strange for a while because I’ve really loved modding here. But it’s just TIME, damnit; enough feeble excuses and rationalizations. Here’s the bullet; gotta bite it. The Dope and Dopers are a genuine hoot and deserve my best, not just make-do-and-hope-it’s-enough gasps.

I’m not leaving, just stepping aside, so this isn’t farewell. For anyone who hates my fascist guts (and where the hell were you when my rank for Pittings stayed in the damned cellar, hmmm), I will still be posting so neener, neener.

Hot damn. ::light dawns, however belatedly::

I may be able to post just for fun now once in a while!

[sub]And as a feeble last act, I posted this in The Pit because it’s about the board and because it was (sniffs) my forum, so it’s where most folks would logically look for it.[/sub]

[Parting shot]

You suck and I always hated you.

[/Parting shot]

Well, you always struck me as one of the more balanced mods. Good to see you’ll still be posting though.
Now fucko off! :smiley:

Damn Veb, sorry to hear it. I always liked you (sorry about never Pitting you, but I just couldn’t).

But welcome (back) to the Boards, plain-old-poster TVeblen!

sorry to hear.

Who’s going to ban me now?

So, do you have to give the coffee mug back?

I won’t Pit ya, since five years in Cecil’s Dungeon is probably punishment enough. . . .

And please don’t mention unfinished dining rooms! (At least ours lacks the scaffold.)

Clearly, this is Bush’s fault.

Bush did everything he could, but the seeds were sown in the Clinton Administration.

So, is this one step closer to joining the leisure class? :wink:

Well, Veb, as one of your favorite unfavorites, I look forward to interacting you as a non-mod. Here’s hoping that the old cliche is reversible, and that a reduction in power will bring about a corresponding reduction in corruption.


interacting [with] you.

Thank you for your hard work.

It is often said that a person’s true worth is not appreciated until they have gone.

Well, now you’re going and we appreciate it.

A roast! I love a good roast.

Whoa, that was quick, did you notice that? It no longer says MODERATOR under her name. The last time I saw a title disappear that fast, Floyd Landis was pissing in a cup.

Seriously though she was a great mod. And a hard worker. Just this summer she spent two whole weeks building a Tinkertoy that can tap an F5 key.

No, I kid. Really. And it’s sad, she actually tried to quit five months ago, but Zotti kept insisting on a cite.

What’ll we do without Veb, though? More importantly, how’s Frank gonna fit into a Size 8 Jackboot?

So when will the tell-all book be released?

You know how retirement is. I give you three months before you’re giving warnings out to your family and banning your cat for trolling.

Seriously, thanks for doing such a thankless job for this long.

Speaking strictly as a non-mod…

piss off, lissener.

God, that felt WONDERFUL!

I blame gay marriage.