Please welcome our new moderators

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of four new SDMB moderators. They are:

Hari_Seldon - Great Debates, Politics & Elections, MPSIMS

Puzzlegal - Cafe Society, IMHO, MPSIMS

Raventhief - Great Debates, Politics & Elections, Game Room

What_Exit - Cafe Society, Thread Games, IMHO

Please join me in welcoming the new crew. And be kind. The reality will sink in soon enough.

I welcome our new mod overlords.

Seriously, I know all of you (or believe I do) and have faith in you all.

Glad to have you all on board.

This might not be the best time to confess that I have always misread puzzlegal’s name as “putz legal” - I thought it was a self-deprecating reference to being an attorney. Nothing like the announcement of mod status to make me read the user names correctly.

Seriously, congratulations (or condolences, you decide) to all of you, and thank you for being willing to keep the SDMB going.


I don’t know about the others, but you misspelled raventhief.

Edited to add, and also puzzlegal

Congrats and have fun!

Not necessarily. Even if you hew to the idea that somebody choosing to use a lower case name shouldn’t be capitalised in general speech, each of those were at a natural capitilisation point, even if usernames don’t get treated like proper nouns.

I am endlessly grateful to all those who donate their time so generously so that we can have a place to talk about stuff. And I hope they all remember that for the next time I behave badly. I swear I didn’t mean it, and I’m really really sorry.

puzzlegal not moderating Thread Games or Game Room? Come on, people! Perfect username/fora combos!

May your days be pleasant, and your trolls remain under the bridge where they belong!

Thanks for the job you’ve just accepted, and pay no attention to the way the red ink on the contract smoked briefly when exposed to the sun. I’m told that’s totally normal.

Thank you all for stepping up!

Congrats to the new mods!

Condolences. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of very frivolous reports to submit.

Welcome new mod overlords. I take it GQ remains unchanged?

Congrats and condolences! May you wear your new badges shiny and well!

Welome new mods. I think I’ve been nice to most of you! Remember? Now get out there and figuratively bust some skulls!


Yay! Congrats to all you guys.

Thanks everyone.

I’ll still be the same geek I always have been.