Mod comings and goings - welcome and farewell

Please join me in welcoming two new moderators to the Straight Dope Message Board, Asimovian and IvoryTowerDenizen. Ivory reports she has a fever at the moment and is laying low, but Asimovian will be jumping in right away. He’ll be co-moderating the In My Humble Opinion forum and the new Thread Games forum. IvoryTowerDenizen will help moderate Café Society and MPSIMS.

We also announce with sadness the retirement of several veteran moderators, **TubaDiva, C K Dexter Haven, Gukumatz **and twickster. Tuba and Dex have been around virtually since the day we opened our doors as a content provider on America Online, which was, God help us, going on 19 years ago. We extend our warm thanks to the retirees (who remain members of the SDMB community) for their many years of volunteer service; they helped make this place what it is. I don’t know what I’d have done without them and wish them all the best.

Welcome indeed.


Thanks for your service to the boards and the fight against ignorance. You will be missed.


TubaDiva, don’t go!

(Damn, thought I was getting somewhere) :smiley:

Welcome, Asimovian and IvoryTowerDenizen!

Welcome new mods, and good luck! Goodbye to the old mods, and enjoy a cushy retirement! What kind of pension benefits does the SDMB offer, by the way?

What? The best moderation occurs in a fever delirium or drug-induced fog! :smiley:

I for one welcome our new moderation overlords!

But I can haz many sadz that so many of our long-time and much-beloved mods are becoming moderator emeriti*. Thanks for your vigilance and overall sanity.

*Do you get to keep the jackboots? Reservation rights for the goat? How 'bout the squid?

Many thanks to the retiring mods, most of whom I’d had the fortune to interact with personally over the years. You always were a pleasure to chat with.

Welcome to the new also, I think the choices are excellent.

I’m sure IvoryTowerDenizen will do a great job.

That Asimovian fellow, though, sheesh. Where did you find HIM?

Whoa, TubaDiva is retiring? I never thought I’d see the day-- She’s a fixture of this place. Who’s taking over Threadspotting duties?

hack, cough Thanks for the welcome.

Sorry to see the others go…


Was he the one? Oh dear.

I think his tenure has some real possibility. Clearly, he would moderate in accordance with Asimov’s Three Laws of Moderobotics:

Right? Right?

No? Foo. :mad:

My apologies and sympathies to IvoryTowerDenizen, who now is stuck being associated with me through no fault of her own. I wish her strength.

Thank you, TubaDiva, C K Dexter Haven, Gukumatz and twickster, for your many years of service and dedication to this board. Your work here was appreciated.

Welcome, Asimovian and IvoryTowerDenizen!

It’s based on a percentage of our salary.

Not to shine a light on something best left unexamined but, may I inquire what it is you’re using to lure these new mods into the job?

I mean I get why the others are leaving! (And I’m impressed with their fortitude for having gone the distance, to be sure!)

But they get no respect and I know you’re not paying them, so what is it? (It’s not chocolate, the mods were always begging for that! )

Whatever it is, it must be mighty powerful! Or magic!

(I’ve been thinking about it and now I’m wondering if perhaps they revealed too much, somewhere on these boards, and now they’re being blackmailed into filling the most thankless position known to man?)

Oh, and good luck to all our new Mods!

Tuba continues to work behind the scenes. She updates the home page Monday through Friday, including Threadspotting.

Two minutes in and I screwed up. I hit edit instead of quote on your post. :smack:

This does not bode well.

What I was trying to say was…

We could get matching rings and get a Wonder Twins thing going.

I have had some differences with Tuba and Dex over the years but it’s safe to say that few if anyone have been more dedicated to the boards than the two of them. Gukumatz did a fine job as well. Thanks to all of you.

The new guys are very solid choices. Well done.

Thread winner, right here.

Welcome Ivory and Asimovian. Let’s all pretend I said something witty that made you feel embraced with open arms.