If you were asked to be a moderator here, would you accept?

Curious (idle) minds want to know.


No, but only because I don’t think I could spend the necessary time. Once I get a bit closer to retirement from my day job, maybe.

Sorry, no.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Moderating corrupts, uhh, moderately.


(Just my luck, I get the slot, and then get hired – I’m currently unemployed – and stop being able to spend a lot of time here! Irony is rampant!)

I’m actually going to move this to ATMB. Just occurred to me it probably fits that forum better.

Absolutely. I’d love to.

Last thing I need is another excuse to sit here on my ass in front of my computer and NOT go out an engage with the world.

I moderate a couple of forums on Reddit. Fortunately they are mostly well-behaved ones. If I can handle that I think I could handle this. Of course, this forum is a hell of a lot more nit-picky about rules than Reddit is.

I’d have to find a way to convince my family that I’m not as available as they think I should be now that I’m retired. How much time does the average mod spend on it, anyway?

I’d accept.

And for my first official act as moderator I’d give Idle Thoughts a warning for violating the rules of ATMB.

Ah, well, I didn’t know about that rule. I’ll just move the topic back, then. My mistake.
My last topic about it stayed in IMHO, after all, so this should be okay then.

Absolutely not.

I’d be far too polarizing a figure as a moderator; the effort would be doomed to fail.


Absolutely not.

I would just be rubbish at it. I’m actually very impressed by the mods here and how well they do their jobs.

Hell no (not that I’d ever be asked). I’ve been a moderator on a different forum so I have a glimpse of what it entails. While it was fun elsewhere (a much smaller forum with a tighter focus), it would be annoying as hell here. There are too many posters that are argumentative, think they are smart, really ARE smart (much smarter than me, for starters), and love to engage in convoluted dialogues over the most trivial of details. I’m simply not interested in the kind of pedantic hashing over of rules and postings that moderation would involve here.

Christ, no.

I was asked once several years ago, but couldn’t. I might consider it at some point under the right circumstances.

I’d have some interest in seeing the inner workings of the board but overall I figure the job wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

Not a public poll?