"Hark!" Beatles Christmas By The Fab Four

This is the closest you’ll get to a Christmas album by the Beatles. I bought it this year and it’s getting lots of play here at Casa Craig. If you don’t have all of it, here’s part of it. I hope you’ll enjoy it for what it is not for what it could have been had The Beatles actually done it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_xkM_38GwI
Love you guys

Bill and Dondra

Well, except for The Beatles Christmas Album. :smiley:

I have a copy of the Beatles Xmas Album and it’s not that good. It’s fairly straightforward in the beginning but there are many detours and gags. I don’t remember them doing more than four lines of any one song. My favorite is John’s take on Good King Wenceslaus. As it progresses, the music and chatter becomes more oblique and absurd. Beyond 1967 I find it unlistenable. I do like the snippets of songs that they cobbled together on the spot, and wish they’d taken it a bit further.

The Fab Four album is indeed the closest that we can come to a genuine xmas album, but I find it distracting that they squeezed the songs into existing Beatles melodies. I would have preferred that they had just done it in “the style of”.

No matter. Bah humbug on xmas.

I agree about the “Bah, Humbug”, Nunzio.

Also about what you wrote regarding the album, that would have been nice, but it was probably a marketing thing, wouldn’t you say? They’d want to push their shows, so they used the Beatles’ signature riffs as the intros of songs. Also, although the words do fit, it too may have been hastily “cobbled together” as you say.

Still though. being a Beatles fan, I appreciate that I have something that at least I can pretend is them and not have to listen to those spoken word albums.

I have to throw this in: Their version of Jingle Bells done to the tune of “Tomorrow Never Knows”, cracks me up every time I hear it… “Is it snowwwwing? Is it snowwwwwing?”

Thanks for the reply, Nunzio Tavulari! Greetings of the season to you and yours! :slight_smile:


sounds pretty good, actually.


Yes, they do a good job at being the Beatles. The voices are fairly accurate and the even picked the right songs for “Ringo” to do.

My wife loves this.

I was all ready to hate it. I love it! Thanks for the link.

My pleasure! :slight_smile: Their home page shows 3 sets of “The Beatles” and three “Ed Sullivans”. These guys are in it for the long haul, IMO. I am hoping they’ll do a show in Atlanta, because I’m reading some very good reviews.

Oh yeah, of all of the original Beatles, I believe Ringo has the only Christmas album.


In all fairness, I need to add this one cut off “Kisses On The Bottom”, by Paul McCartney.

It certainly beats “Wonderful Christmas Time”, IMO. :wink:


Yes, but a group of monkeys randomly banging on kettle drums beats “Wonderful Christmas Time”.

I think it’s time that David Bowie does another “Little Drummer Boy” duet. Maybe with Nicki Minaj this time.

Bah, humBeatle, don’tcha mean?