Harlem Globetrotters vs Olympic Dream Team

Who would be the better basketball team?

Globetrotters. Gosh . . .

But are we are talking about the original Harlem Globetrotters from back in the day? And the first Dream Team?

If so . . . I gotta give it to the Dream Team. They’re younger. However, if players are given a standard age or something, I give it to the Globetrotters. They were better than good.

All pending which dream team and what limitations were set. Although I’d put my money on the Dream Team.

I’ve seen the Globetrotters live, and I wasn’t impressed. They can do lots of neat tricks, but they missed a lot of shots that should have been easy for a pro team. They aren’t particularly good basketball players and their act depends on the cooperation of the team they go up against. Against any professional basketball team in an honest game they would be trounced.