Harrow Council: is this real?

This has to be the most aesthetically challenged group of public officials I’ve ever seen.

What’s the deal with Eileen Kinnear and those glasses?

To think that Europeans call Americans ugly, too … sheesh!

Welcome to the wonderful world of English local government.
(Mind you, it seems appropriate, for such a hideous place as Harrow.)

I used to work with one of those councillors.

And the winner is. Were those glasses photo-shopped by a four year old?

What a horribly unfortunate-looking group of people!!

Her photo was submitted to Viz magazine’s letters page last month with the comment “she must have some strong ears”.

American competitors: the City Council of scenic Maplewood, MN.

Maplewood City Council (click image for a bigger version)

You’d think that someone might have suggested gently to Mayor Bob that he straighten his tie. And that shaving might be a good idea.

They look very like what a friend described as the image problem of the Liberal Democrats in the UK.

Individually, they look fine. They’re nice people. You could have a good arguments about tax or defence or the role of the state. One-to-one,

However, put them together, and you get a group of people who look like the aforementioned Maplewood Mafia. How it happens, how ugly singular become ugly collective, needs further research…

Sky Captain!

Isn’t this lady is actually a Vogon’s wife.

There are some fairly unattractive specimens running for the presidency of Romania.
Constantin Mudava, Romania’s only Amish politician.

Is that a halo above Gheorghe Funar’s head?

It looks like Nicolae Militaru’s hair hasn’t changed since Ceauşescu was in charge–and I’m guessing he hasn’t either…