Harry Potter 5 is out in paperback today

Just a quick public service announcement. I know there are several posters who were waiting to buy it until its soft and bendy. Now’s the time, people. Go!

All right, Munch! I’ll be going to get it tomorrow then. Been waitin’.

-The Other Munch (at home only!)

COOL. I like paperbacks. They are easier to transport and cheaper. I’ll probably buy it when I get close to finishing reading my current book.


I’m not sure how easy to transport it is - it looks like an oversized brick! It honestly looks about as tall as it is wide, like they cut it straight from a 4x4.

It is a bit thick, but still lighter than this months Vanity Fair.
I am going to have to buy it so I can have the complete set in Hardcover and paper back. JK Rowling, enjoy my money, please.