Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [open spoilers]

Coming this July - looking forward to it!

So is JK actually writing a novelization, or are they just publishing the script itself? Reading play scripts kind of sucks, IMHO.

And I liked this:

‘The limited preview edition is not the final edition, a move made to allow the play’s creative team to make changes while the play is in previews, according to the publisher. A “Definitive Collector’s Edition” will be available later.’

“We’re going to tweak the play a few times, re-releasing the book on each occasion, to get the rubes to buy the same thing as many times as possible. Wait, did I say that out loud?” commented a spokesman for Rowling.

This is my exact question. I hope it is a novelization.

From the article:

Sure sounds to me like it’s just the script.

But if she is on record as having said ‘there will be no more Harry Potter novels’ (which I believe is the case), then publishing plays and such would be a way of keeping her word while publishing more HP stuff. (Epic poetry, next!)

When this was linked on Reddit, it was said that this would not be a novelization. A script seems the most likely.

I don’t think reading scripts is that bad. But a play is short enough that you could probably make it a novella. There’s a reason why whole books aren’t used in movies.

I’ve found that reading scripts goes much more smoothly if you don’t read the names of who’s saying each and every line. Usually it’s obvious, and you can always stop to look if it’s unclear (as in a multi-character scene). The script flows much better that way.

Okay, so this has been released now . . .

I read it yesterday, and was rather disappointed. I’m curious to know what other people’s reactions might be.

Has anyone seen the stage production?

I only read the script book. I was underwhelmed. I didn’t HATE it and it didn’t RUIN IT FOREVER or anything. I just didn’t love it. I was moved at times and I see where it’s maybe better, even possibly really good, as a live play, but as a script reading for pleasure it was meh.

The Wiki article has a lot more detail: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Wikipedia

It might well be a spectacular play with all the special effects. Actually, I’d really like to see it. (Maybe someday in the far distant future it might play in Seattle).

The problem is, the special effects may dazzle, but is there anything much left when those are taken away?

Guess I’ll reserve final judgement until I’ve seen a performance (if I ever have the opportunity).

I logged on the other day to try for a new batch of tickets going on sale. Unfortunately I didn’t wake up early enough…I’m currently on North American time…there were 160,000 people ahead of me. Needless to say I did not get a ticket :-/

Wow – 160,000! And I thought Seahawk tickets were hard to get.

How soon before pretty much every middle school in the country has its students pester its administration to be able to do the play - only for the students to get their first lesson in performance licensing (and even then, a few of them decide, “Let’s do it anyway; if we do it just for the school and don’t charge anything (or, since the proceeds go to the school), then it shouldn’t be a problem”)?

Somehow I doubt any of her fans would mind if she broke her word on this subject.

I read in on an airplane two days ago. I liked it a lot, but am surprised by the fact that

Delphi really is Tm Riddle’s daughter. I had figured it would be revealed she was misled or deluded.

That’s pretty much the point where I realized that I had pretty much been reading fan fiction. It was a decent enough short read though.

Although, I am curious about just how old Amos Diggory is supposed to be.

Amos diggory? He’d b 60+ I guess.

That’s not old at all for a wizard (in Rowling’s universe, anyway).

Read it over 2 evenings while on vacation. It was all right. Would like to see it performed. Although I kept expecting some

obvious gay twist to the two best friends, given how pointedly their affection was highlighted(in script form). I’m neither delighted nor disappointed, I just thought it was leading…somewhere.